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If there’s one gad­get that every­one should have in their kitchen it’s a Mov­able Fridge, right? Be­cause what could be more handy than that? At this year’s IFA show, Pana­sonic was show­cas­ing Haiku, the robot fridge com­pan­ion, on its Fu­ture Tech stand, and we’re pretty sure you’re go­ing to want one of th­ese when it lands.

If the mere no­tion of a fridge that you can drive around your home doesn’t get you do­ing a lit­tle dance on the spot, then you need to have a word with your­self. This isn’t just game-chang­ing, it’s life-chang­ing. Just speak the word ‘Haiku’, tell it where you want it to go, and it’ll move from its rest­ing po­si­tion and au­to­mat­i­cally trun­dle its way to you, avoid­ing any ob­sta­cles along the way, just like a robot vacuum would. Only, in­stead of clean­ing your house – a pretty use­ful func­tion, we’ll ad­mit – it brings you beer. If that’s not the gad­get the world has been wait­ing for, then T3 will eat its hat (and buy you a beer). Now, be­fore you go off to let every­one know that you’ve found your life part­ner, there’s an ob­vi­ous down­side here: you’ll need a pretty clear and nav­i­ga­ble floor path be­tween it and you. Also, it’s just a pro­to­type – but Pana­sonic thinks it could be a full prod­uct in five years or so. Price £TBC Avail­able TBC URL pana­

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