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Tech and bad pos­ture are a way­too-com­mon pair­ing, so do your back a favour and let the smart app-con­nected UPRIGHT GO teach you how to straighten up

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If you’re hunched over a screen or desk all day, back, neck and shoul­der pain strikes over time. In fact, over 80 per cent of the UK is set to ex­pe­ri­ence back pain at some point in their lives. Why? Poor pos­ture and ‘screen slouch’ are the main cul­prits. That’s why you need UPRIGHT GO, a sleek wear­able de­signed to re­duce mus­cle prob­lems by cor­rect­ing your pos­ture.

The light­weight (12g) and wire­less UPRIGHT GO fea­tures award-win­ning tech to help you achieve per­fect pos­ture. Stick it on the mid­dle of your back, and the de­vice uses a sen­sor-led learn­ing al­go­rithm to de­tect your body po­si­tion. When you slouch, the UPRIGHT GO vi­brates, re­mind­ing you gen­tly to ad­just into a health­ier po­si­tion.

Sync the UPRIGHT GO with its com­pan­ion app (iOS, An­droid) to make it even smarter, dish­ing out real-time feed­back on your pos­ture and how you can make sim­ple yet last­ing changes to cor­rect it. Want to record data without the de­vice emit­ting vi­bra­tions? No prob­lem! Use the UPRIGHT GO in the dis­crete Track­ing Mode.

Pro­longed back prob­lems can lead to mus­cu­loskele­tal dis­or­ders, in­creased stress and fa­tigue, while good pos­ture can in­crease con­fi­dence, pos­i­tiv­ity and over­all well­be­ing. The UPRIGHT GO helps to im­prove your pos­ture in just three weeks. At £79.99, it’s also cheaper than fork­ing out on physio treat­ment.

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80% of the UK will suf­fer from back pain, but it’s avoid­able

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