I want to trans­fer from iPhone to An­droid. Will I lose ev­ery­thing?

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AYou will not, un­less your per­sonal trans­fer plan in­volves im­mo­lat­ing your iPhone in a rit­ual sac­ri­fice be­fore set­ting up your An­droid de­vice. Cer­tain things might not be easy, cer­tainly they won’t be as sim­ple as they would be if you were switch­ing be­tween hand­sets of the same flavour, but you should be able to get ev­ery­thing off us­ing usual down­load­ing pro­ce­dures. Be warned, though: you may have to use iTunes to get your hands on things like pho­tos, an ex­treme pun­ish­ment if ever there was one.

The most dif­fi­cult bit will be trans­fer­ring con­tacts, but even this is straight­for­ward if you know what you’re do­ing; up­load them to your iCloud ac­count, down­load them from there as a vCard, then up­load them to Google Con­tacts. They’ll au­to­mat­i­cally sync with your phone as soon as you sign in with your Google ac­count.

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