Do I need a weather sta­tion?

T3 - - Gadget Guru -

No. But you also don’t need that Xbox. You don’t need that fancy watch, those LED-in­fused pe­riph­er­als, that… what­ever that is. There are very few things you ever need. So, the ques­tion is, can you af­ford one? Will know­ing the com­ings and go­ings of the weather push your hap­pi­ness nee­dle fur­ther up than the £600 you’d spend on an Ore­gon Sci­en­tific WMR300 would push it down? If so, get that thing in your gar­den right now. If not, you can al­ways go for Ne­tatmo’s cheaper and very smart Weather Sta­tion for £130, which mon­i­tors con­di­tions in­side and out, and re­ports to a phone app.

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