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Sue Per­mom is the per­fect mom. She’s a people pleaser who looks out for ev­ery­one else be­fore her­self. You can

al­ways find her with a fresh baked some­thing and her moth­erly ad­vice is sim­ple yet ef­fec­tive. She is all about mak­ing sure the cus­tomers - or her chil­dren - are happy and taken care of.

Zinc Or­swim is the ul­ti­mate life saver. He’s pro­tect­ing you from the sun and the big guys, mak­ing sure you don’t drown in the sea of high priced in­ter­net and phone ser­vices. He is al­ways on the prowl for the best deal but some­times gets side­tracked by his own ap­pear­ance.

Betty Be­have doesn’t take no for an an­swer. She is a se­ri­ous busi­ness pro­fes­sor but with a hint of a naughty side. She is will­ing to whip you into shape if you don’t leave hav­ing learned a lit­tle about sav­ing and a lot about the pos­si­bil­i­ties that TekSavvy can of­fer you.

Fite Bak is ready and will­ing to fight the good fight. He doesn’t

just ac­cept what the big guys are of­fer­ing – from break­ing

you out of con­tracts to fight­ing for your right to ac­cess fair priced in­ter­net. He is al­ways there for you. Some­times even with a smile on his face.

Johnny Hunk is su­per cheesy and over the top but has a great way of get­ting you to see what you de­serve. He loves to talk about his large band­width and pack­age with no hid­den fees. He talks in pick-up lines but means well.

Gene Yus is pas­sion­ate about tech­nol­ogy; he looks for the best and likes to buy from people who know their stuff. He’s an all out Tek. He wants fair prices on in­ter­net ser­vices, big band­width caps, and great Tek sup­port.

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