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Make sure not to go click crazy here; the back-end is busy do­ing its thing and once it’s ready you’ll be brought to the Word­Press in­stal­la­tion con­fir­ma­tion screen. This screen con­tains all the most im­por­tant links you’ll need to ad­min­is­trate your new web­site, and it can be ac­cessed again at any time by log­ging into your TekSavvy host­ing ac­count, and click­ing Ap­pli­ca­tions > “Man­age My Ap­pli­ca­tions” > Word­Press 3.X.X (where X is the ver­sion num­ber).

Et voila!

Now that the fun and ex­cit­ing stuff is done, there are a few loose ends you should tie up. The first, and ar­guably most im­por­tant, is to get your email ac­counts set up. From the TekSavvy Host­ing back-end, click on “Mail”, which opens the mail man­age­ment page, and then click “Cre­ate Email Ad­dress”. This is where we’ll set up that per­son­al­ized email ad­dress we men­tioned ear­lier.

In the “Gen­eral” tab, sim­ply en­ter the email ad­dress you’d like to use in the space marked “your­name” in the ac­com­pa­ny­ing im­age, fol­lowed by your pass­word twice (aim for a “Very Strong” pass­word for se­cu­rity rea­sons, which means mix­ing cap­i­tals, lower case, spe­cial char­ac­ters and num­bers) and then click “OK”.

To ac­cess your email, sim­ply add “web­mail.” be­fore your do­main name in your browser, en­ter your email ad­dress and pass­word and hit “Lo­gin”. If you’d like to set up your email for use in an email client, or to ac­cess it on your smart­phone or tablet’s na­tive email soft­ware, just click on the in­for­ma­tion icon to the right hand side of the de­sired email ac­count, as shown in the im­age above.

That’s it! No… se­ri­ously, that’s it. You’ve done all the hard work, and you now have a web­site up and run­ning, live on the in­ter­net. Ob­vi­ously it’s not much to look at right now, but by ex­plor­ing the won­ders of Word­Press you’ll soon put that right. There are lit­er­ally thou­sands of great Word­Press tu­to­ri­als avail­able on­line that’ll walk you through chang­ing the look and feel of your site, adding plug-ins to in­crease func­tion­al­ity and or­ga­niz­ing your pages and blogs in a way that’ll cre­ate a great ex­pe­ri­ence for the user.

If you’d like us to run you through the ba­sics of Word­Press, from cus­tomiza­tion to op­ti­miza­tion, in a fu­ture is­sue, send an email to con­nect@tek­savvyin­sider.com and we’ll do our best to make it hap­pen!

Once Word­Press is in­stalled, the Dash­board is your main hub

Set­ting up email is a piece of cake, we prom­ise!

It’s easy to get your mail set up on a desk­top or mo­bile client

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