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Clearly not named for its size, Razer’s Le­viathan is an ex­tremely com­pact 5.1 audio sys­tem that’s pri­mar­ily aimed at gamers, but is also more than ca­pa­ble of do­ing a job in most liv­ing rooms - as­sum­ing you don’t live in a mas­sive hall that re­quires an AC/ DC - eq­sue wall of sound to fill.

Mak­ing the move into speak­ers is def­i­nitely an in­ter­est­ing decision from Razer, a company bet­ter known for its key­boards, mice and gaming head­sets, but it’s one that makes a lot of sense giv­ing the rel­a­tive lack of gamer­friendly audio so­lu­tions avail­able right now, and with a very rea­son­able price of just US$ 200. Like the rest of Razer’s lineup, the Le­viathan looks great. The bar it­self is fan­tas­ti­cally pro­por­tioned, so much so that it’ll hap­pily sit on a desk be­neath the vast majority of mon­i­tors with­out ob­scur­ing any of the screen, while the sub­woofer is… well… a black sub­woofer. There’s not all that much you can do with a sub­woofer re­ally, so I won’t hold their lack of imag­i­na­tion against them, but it is pleas­ingly an­gled in the right places if you’re into that pre­mium hi- tech look. The fact that it’s call­ing it­self a 5.1 sys­tem but only ac­tu­ally has two phys­i­cal speak­ers is a lit­tle bit disin­gen­u­ous, but by us­ing Dolby’s Pro Logic II sys­tem, it does a pretty de­cent job of man­ag­ing the di­rec­tion of sounds - though it’s not quite there when it comes to com­pet­ing against 5.1 sys­tems that ac­tu­ally have 5 speak­ers and a sub­woofer. Where it’ll re­ally im­press you, though, is when the vol­ume is cranked right the way up and it starts to sing. The sound qual­ity is awe­some for a de­vice in this price range, and it’s com­fort­able with max­i­mum vol­ume, de­liv­er­ing crys­tal clar­ity across the board. The sub­woofer, too, is wor­thy of a men­tion here: it’s an ab­so­lute mon­ster, cer­tainly ca­pa­ble of scar­ing small chil­dren if needs be. There is, how­ever, one mi­nor prob­lem, and that’s the fact that the thing shuts it­self off after 20 min­utes with­out audio in­put. Not a ma­jor is­sue for the liv­ing room where, when it’s on and you’re watch­ing TV or play­ing games, there’s usu­ally some form of audio play­ing, but when you’re on your com­puter you’ll reg­u­larly find your­self hav­ing to turn the thing on and turn up the vol­ume after spend­ing some time read­ing an ar­ti­cle or do­ing some­thing vaguely pro­duc­tive. It’s not a mas­sive is­sue, but it is frus­trat­ing nev­er­the­less, and does slightly hurt the over­all ex­pe­ri­ence - but not by much.

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