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4-H mem­bers from across the county brought their tal­ent to the 99th an­nual Cum­ber­land County Ex­hi­bi­tion, where youth from across the county par­tic­i­pated in show­cas­ing com­pe­ti­tions. 4-H mem­bers re­ceived rib­bons for life skills projects, arts com­pe­ti­tions and an­i­mal show­case com­pe­ti­tions.

The four H’s in 4-H stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health, and 4-H youth in Cum­ber­land County gained valu­able lessons in 2017 by us­ing the four H’s in com­pe­ti­tion.

The Cum­ber­land County 4-H Coun­cil pre­sented the 2017 awards dur­ing the Pa­rade of Clubs last week at the Cum­ber­land County Ex­hi­bi­tion.

Seven Cum­ber­land County 4-H Clubs par­tic­i­pated in the ex­hi­bi­tion. They are: The Dou­ble D 4-H Club (DD), the Three Way 4-H Club (3W), the Ro-Win-Lea 4-H Club (RWL), the Sun­rise 4-H Club (Sun), the Coun­try View 4-H Club (CV), the Bay Vista Cons Mills 4-H Club (BVCM), and the Lin­den 4-H Club (Lin­den).

The 2017 award re­cip­i­ents are as fol­lows:

Cat­e­gory, name of re­cip­i­ent, (club) Ju­nior Host­ess – Mad­di­son

Bushen (CV) Ju­nior Host – Tan­ner Wil­son (DD) Top Ayr­shire Calf – Kier­sten Moore (BVCM) Top Jersey Calf – Al­ley Clat­ten­burg (DD) Top Dairy Calf – Al­ley Clat­ten­burg (DD) Cham­pion Dairy Show­man – Ash­leigh Des­jardins (DD)

Cham­pi­onship Jr. Goat Show­man – Lau­ren Shears (DD)

Cham­pi­onship Sr. Goat Show­man – Lind­say An­der­son (BVCM)

Over­all Cham­pion Com­mer­cial Calf – Grace Reynolds (3W)

Cham­pion Draft Horse Project – Beck Ri­p­ley (DD)

Top Group of Three Beef Calves – (DD)

Top Group of three Dairy Calves – (DD)

Sheep Clip­ping Com­pe­ti­tion

– Maria Duynisveld, Lind­say An­der­son (BVCM)

Goat Clip­ping Com­pe­ti­tion

– Lau­ren Shears (DD), Mad­di­son Bushen (CV) Dairy Clip­ping Com­pe­ti­tion

– Stephanie LeBlanc (Sun), Kier­sten Moore, BVCM Beef Clip­ping Com­pe­ti­tion – Ni­cole Booth, Bev­erly Booth (3W)

Cham­pion Calf Show­man – Stephanie LeBlanc (Sun)

Top Light Horse Club – Coun­try View Top 4-H Calf Club – Dou­ble D

Top Life Skills Dis­play – Coun­try View

Grand Cham­pi­ons Live­stock Show­man – Al­li­son Booth (3W)

Top Barn Dis­play – Three Way Cham­pion Light Horse West­ern Equi­tation – Ash­leigh Des­jardins (DD)

Cham­pion Mini Horse Project – Sa­man­tha Wood (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Rab­bit Show­man – Owen MacLeod-Wood (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Jr. Scrap­book­ing Item – Emma Mc­Cor­mack (3W)

Cham­pion Sr. Scrap­book­ing – Mikayla Dixon (BVCM)

Cham­pion Jr. Wood­work­ing – Brandi Smith (RWL) Cham­pion Sr. Wood­work­ing – Alex Casey (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Jr. Cake Dec­o­rat­ing Project – Tan­ner McEachern (CV) Cham­pion Sr. Cake Dec­o­rat­ing Project – Madiya Pa­triquin (DD) Cham­pion Great Out­doors Project – Owen MacLeod-Wood (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Jr. Pho­tog­ra­phy Item – Drew Rush­ton (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Sr. Pho­tog­ra­phy Item – Maria Duynisveld (BVCM)

Cham­pion Vet Sci­ence Project – Ta­mara Snook (DD)

Cham­pion Jr. Weld­ing Project – Isaac Weather­bee (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Sr. Weld­ing Project – Isaac Atkin­son (DD)

Cham­pion Trac­tor Project – Bill Jakob (3W) Cham­pion Jr. Small En­gines Project – Own Macleod-Wood (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Sr. Small En­gines Project – Jar­rett Ba­con (DD)

Cham­pion First-Aid Project – Noah Hib­bert (DD)

Cham­pion Her­itage Project – Becky Ri­p­ley (DD) Cham­pion Sewing Item – Sarah God­frey (3W) Cham­pion Sheep Show­man – Lind­say An­der­son (BVCM) Cham­pion Dog Han­dling – Kier­ston Moore (BVCM) Cham­pion Dog Obe­di­ence –

Bai­ley Dowd­ing (DD)

Cham­pion Bee Keep­ing Project – Si­las Jakob (3W)

Cham­pion Foods Project – Izaac Weather­bee (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Record Book – Maria Duynisveld (BVCM) Cham­pion Jr. Food Prepa­ra­tion Com­pe­ti­tion – Owen Macleod-Wood (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Sr. Food Prepa­ra­tion Com­pe­ti­tion – Natasha

Kaiser (CV) Cham­pion Jr. Cake Dec­o­rat­ing Com­pe­ti­tion – Tan­ner McEachern Cham­pion Sr. Cake Dec­o­rat­ing Com­pe­ti­tion – Madiya Pa­triquin (DD)

Cham­pion Jr. Crafts Com­pe­ti­tion – Lau­ren Shears (DD)

Cham­pion Sr. Crafts Com­pe­ti­tion – Al­li­son Booth (3W)

Cham­pion Jr. Beef Judge – Mad­dox Porter (3W)

Cham­pion Sr. Beef Judge – Alex Good­win (3W) Cham­pion Jr. Crafts Judge – Kali Gaudet (Sun) Cham­pion Sr. Crafts Judge – Mal­lareigh Cof­fin (Sun) Cham­pion Foods Judge – Sarah God­frey (3W)

Cham­pion Scrap­book­ing Judge – Tan­ner McEachern (CV)

Cham­pion Sewing Judge – Lau­ren Shears (DD) Cham­pion Light Horse Judge – Kier­sten Moore (BVCM)

Cham­pion Pho­tog­ra­phy Judge – Mal­lareigh Cof­fin (Sun)

Cham­pion Wood­work­ing Judge – Tan­ner McEachern (CV)

Cham­pion Jr. Rab­bit Judge – Joris Jakob (3W) Cham­pion Sr. Rab­bit Judge – Al­li­son Booth (3W) Cham­pion Goat Judge – Lau­ren Shears (DD) Cham­pion Sheep Judge –

Danielle Wil­son (BVCM)

Cam­pion Dairy Judge – Kier­sten Moore (BVCM)

Cham­pion Jr. Crafts Item – Natasha Kaiser (CV) Cham­pion Sr. Foods Item – Izaac Weather­bee (Lin­den) Cham­pion Crafts Project – Natasha Kaiser (CV) Cham­pion Recipe Book – Ta­mara Snook (DD)

Cham­pion Jr. Light Horse Show­man – Ade­lyn Fisher, 3W

Cham­pion Sr. Light Horse Show­man – Bradley Smith (RWL) Cham­pi­ons Horse Ba­sics – Michael Col­li­cut (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Light Horse Equi­tation – Syd­ney Moore (CV)

Cham­pion Jr. Pho­tog­ra­phy Com­pe­ti­tion – Mal­lareigh Cof­fin (Sun) Cham­pion Sr. Pho­tog­ra­phy Com­pe­ti­tion – Alissa An­der­son (BCVM) Cham­pion Jr. Scrap­book­ing Com­pe­ti­tion – Brandi Smith (RWL)

Cham­pion Sr. Scrap­book­ing Com­pe­ti­tion – Lind­say An­der­son (BVCM) Cham­pion Jr.

Out­doors­man Com­pe­ti­tion – Evan Rose (Lin­den) Cham­pion Sr. Out­doors­man Com­pe­ti­tion – Evan Rose (Lin­den) Cham­pion Trac­tor Driv­ing

Com­pe­ti­tion – Wil­liam Fos­ter, Olivia Fos­ter, Natalie Wood (Lin­den)

Cham­pion Jr. Fash­ion Show – Lau­ren Shears (DD) Cham­pion Sr. Fash­ion Show

– Sarah God­frey (3W)

Top An­gus Calf – Bai­ley Dowd­ing (3W) Top Here­ford Calf – Alex Good­win (3W) Top Shorthorn Calf – Jar­rett Ba­con (DD) Smith Top (RWL) Sim­men­tal Calf – Brian Top Li­mousin Calf – Mad­dox Porter (3W) Cham­pion Beef Calf – Bai­ley Dowd­ing (DD) Cham­pion Jr. Beef Show­man – Ken­dra Sears (3W) Cham­pion Beef Show­man –

Bai­ley Dowd­ing (DD)

Top Hol­stein Calf – Ava Mun­dle (CV) Jr. Farmer Olympics Win­ners:

1st- Josiah Bushen and Syd­ney Moore

2nd- Isaac Weather­bee and Ma­son Har­vey

3rd- Belle and Syd­ney Carter 4th- Ty and Kee­gan Kowen­berg 5th-Kayla Em­mer­son and Ge­or­gia Carter

The 4-H pledge is, ‘I pledge my head to clearer think­ing, my heart to greater loy­alty, my hands to larger ser­vice, my health to bet­ter liv­ing, for my club, my com­mu­nity and my coun­try.”

Dave Mathieson – Amherst News

13-year-old Kennedy Mills gives Diva a kiss af­ter wash­ing her.

Dave Mathieson – Amherst News

The 2017 Jr. Host and Jr. Host­ess were crowned dur­ing the Cum­ber­land County Ex­hi­bi­tion. The 2017 Jr. Host­ess is 12-year-old Mad­di­son Bushen (left) and the 2017 Jr. Host is 13-year-old Tan­ner Wil­son (right) The 2016 Host­ess and Host were Hope Rush­ton and Tan­ner McEachern.

Dave Mathieson – Amherst News

Leonard Allen and Kathy Maltby pour bat­ter into their pans dur­ing the Blue­berry Bake-off com­pe­ti­tion. Allen fin­ished sec­ond in the bake-off and Maltby third.

Chelsey Gould – Amherst News

(left to right) Kate Mac­Don­ald, Ade­lynn Fisher and Faith Atkin­son clean Dee and her stable. Dee, from O.A.K. Sta­bles, is owned by Kelsey Sid­dall and rid­den by Kate.

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