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It seems ev­ery­where we look to­day there is bad news. On Face­book, Twit­ter, Tele­vi­sion. At the lo­cal hockey rink, the gro­cery store, the cof­fee shop. Over the phone, in per­son, or through a text. Your fa­ther died. Your wife has can­cer. A kid from your neigh­bor­hood took a gun to a school.

It is ev­ery­where. And we tend to think that there is more evil now than there has ever been in the world. This is not nec­es­sar­ily true. We sim­ply have more ac­cess to in­for­ma­tion than other times in his­tory. Evil has been preva­lent since Adam and Eve tasted the for­bid­den fruit.

I try to avoid hear­ing about evil, death, and in­jus­tices. I don’t want to know. The less I hear about it the bet­ter. And I dare to sug­gest we are all like this. None of us want to wres­tle with it. Don’t be­lieve me? Death is al­most like a swear word. Evil is ex­plained away, and in­jus­tices are for­got­ten as soon as it is no longer pop­u­lar to talk about them.

We love be­ing ig­no­rant of bad news.

The rea­son? It is sim­ple re­ally. We lack hope. The hope that one day things will be good. The hope that one day ev­ery­thing will be made right. The hope that one day all things will be re­newed. Most peo­ple think this life is all we have. But it isn’t. Far from it.

In the Gospel of Matthew, the dis­ci­ple Peter opens his mouth and asks Je­sus what they are go­ing to re­ceive for fol­low­ing Him. In­stead of re­buk­ing Peter, look at Je­sus’ an­swer.

“I as­sure you that when the world is made new and the Son of Man sits upon the glo­ri­ous throne… ev­ery­one who gives up houses or brothers or sis­ters or fa­ther or mother or chil­dren or prop­erty, for my sake, will re­ceive a hun­dred times as much in re­turn and will in­herit eter­nal life.”

One day, here on earth, all things will be made new. Ev­ery­thing will be made right for those who fol­low Je­sus. My wife and I have had two mis­car­riages. We named them both: Mya Nova and Jeremiah Lu­cas. And while it is painful to think we will not get to have a life with them here on earth, we take hope in the re­newal of all things. We take hope in know­ing one day, my wife and I, and any fu­ture kids we have, will get to spend eter­nity (that means for­ever) with Mya and Jeremiah.

In the dark­ness of the world, don’t lose the light of hope. Hold on to the fact that one day…one day…ALL things will be re­newed. Ev­ery wrong will be made right. And life will be ex­cit­ing and eter­nal.

Je­sus will one day say: “Be­hold, I am mak­ing ev­ery­thing new.”

Rev. Jamin Me­lan­son

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