Trump is a very scary guy

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Not long ago I sat in a meeting with an area busi­ness man. He re­called that I had moved to Nova Sco­tia from the United States, then said, “Trump scares the hell out of me!”

This fel­low then re­counted the many ways U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump has acted in an out­landish man­ner – from brag­ging about his abil­ity to grab women in their pri­vates to putting a to­tally un­fit ju­rist in the Supreme Court – and now jus­ti­fy­ing do­ing busi­ness with a coun­try that has been re­ported to have car­ried out the sav­age ex­e­cu­tion of an in­ter­na­tional jour­nal­ist.

Truth be told, Trump also scares the hell out of me. It seems be­yond be­lief that he cur­rently sits in the of­fice of pres­i­dent of a demo­cratic coun­try; and at the same time shows com­plete dis­re­gard for the ideals of that coun­try. It is in­com­pre­hen­si­ble that there are peo­ple – his base – that still choose to sup­port him. Some­how they haven’t fig­ured out that his big per­ma­nent tax cuts for the very wealthy will ben­e­fit only the very wealthy. The small tem­po­rary tax cuts for the mid­dle class will be eaten up with in­fla­tion. Chances are pretty good that Trump is not about to share the ad­di­tional wealth he has put in his own pocket.

Even more in­com­pre­hen­si­ble is the fact that Trump has ac­tu­ally taken over the Repub­li­can Party. In part, Trump ac­com­plished this by mak­ing all Democrats the en­emy... and as soon as he took of­fice pro­ceeded to den­i­grate Obama and at­tempted to re­scind any and all pro­grams in­sti­tuted dur­ing the Obama pres­i­dency. The fact that there are still some of the “old boys” sit­ting in congress, con­tin­u­ing to show their racist, anti-im­mi­gra­tion, and anti-fem­i­nist bias has em­bold­ened Trump.

At the same time the Fas­cist ideas Trump has spouted has brought groups like the Proud Boys and Neo-Nazis out of the wood­work. They now spew their hate in the open. Among their tar­gets are Jews, any mi­nori­ties, and gays and les­bians. The Proud Boys proudly state they are chau­vin­ists. They have also been in­volved in beat­ings of those who op­pose them.

I just fin­ished read­ing Madeleine Al­bright’s book, Fas­cism – A Warn­ing. She wrote, “To cre­ate tyranny out of the fears and hopes of av­er­age peo­ple, money is re­quired, and so, too, am­bi­tion and twisted ideas. It is the com­bi­na­tion that kills. In the ab­sence of wealthy back­ers, we likely would never have heard of Cor­po­ral Mus­solini or Cor­po­ral Hitler. In the ab­sence of their com­pul­sion to dom­i­nate at all costs, nei­ther would have caused the harm he did.”

Fas­cism is a pol­i­tics of na­tion­al­ism and racism. There is a be­lief in nat­u­ral so­cial hi­er­ar­chy and the rule of the elites. Free press is not part of a fas­cist so­ci­ety, and in its most ex­treme to­tal­i­tar­ian form those who speak out are not al­lowed to live. Trump has been very ver­bal about his en­emy...the fake news. He would like the news, with its crit­i­cism of his ac­tions, to go away. He has also been at­tempt­ing to de­fend Saudi Ara­bia - as in­for­ma­tion has come forth re­gard­ing the slay­ing of jour­nal­ist Ja­mal Khashoggi.

I will re­peat my­self. Trump scares the hell out of me. What is equally scary is that he has been al­lowed to de­stroy the cred­i­bil­ity of the United States. On Nov. 6 we will hear what the vot­ers in that coun­try have to say. I hope some of my fear will be al­le­vi­ated.

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