Con­ser­va­tives are not the prob­lem

The Aurora (Labrador City) - - EDITORIAL - Dar­ryl Dwyer

Dear Mr. Wanger­sky,

In re­ply to your Fe­bru­ary 13, 2017 ar­ti­cle:

You are right, sir. It is time to stop and think, so one will just get to the point. It is not Con­ser­va­tives tak­ing to the streets by the thou­sands pro­mot­ing vi­o­lence to­ward peo­ple who dis­agree with them. It is not con­ser­va­tives who try to shut down po­lit­i­cal speeches and start fights at po­lit­i­cal ral­lies. It is not Con­ser­va­tives who bash in win­dows of law-abid­ing business own­ers, start fires and de­stroy other peo­ple’s prop­erty or hide their faces with masks or as­sault in­no­cent peo­ple in the streets.

Mr. Trudeau will never have to worry about Con­ser­va­tives tak­ing to the streets in the thou­sands pro­mot­ing vi­o­lence against him no mat­ter how in­com­pe­tent he may be.

Ann Coulter, Mr. Yiannopou­los, David Horowitz and other Con­ser­va­tive speak­ers are threat­ened con­stantly with vi­o­lence on col­lege cam­puses, are reg­u­larly shouted down, in­ter­rupted and vil­i­fied.

Left —wing speak­ers such as David Suzuki and Noam Chom­sky will never have to be fear­ful for their safety from Con­ser­va­tives be­cause we are not the rad­i­cals. If peo­ple do not like what Mr. Yiannopou­los has to say, or how he says it, do not at­tend his speeches. Oth­ers do have the right to en­ter­tain him. Free speech is not a one-way street.

I would like to add that if any in­sti­tu­tion in so­ci­ety can­not con­trol vi­o­lence on their prop­erty then they do not de­serve any pub­lic fund­ing, re­gard­less of the source of the vi­o­lence.

I would like to see you debate with Mr. Yiannopou­los. I think it would be an eye-opener for many of your read­ers. Also, you should be putting the blame for vi­o­lence on the ig­no­rant mobs who per­pe­trate it.

In clos­ing; if vi­o­lence breaks out in our so­ci­ety, it will not be due to peo­ple like Mr. Yiannopou­los but left-wing rad­i­cals who refuse to have a mean­ing­ful dis­cus­sion with those they dis­agree with.

(Oh by the way. Tra­di­tional val­ues that were held by our grand­par­ents, great-grand­par­ents and Con­ser­va­tives are not rad­i­cal. So­cial­ists are rad­i­cals. They even state so in their own lit­er­a­ture)!

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