Pun­ish­ing the many for the sins of the few

The Aurora (Labrador City) - - Editorial -

Let’s face it, politi­cians and their hand-picked up­per man­age­ment at NLC are re­quired to do ev­ery­thing to make the govern­ment look good.

That’s just the way it is, and most peo­ple ac­cept that.

Last week, Nor­man Hardie wines were yanked from the shelves. The man’s crime was sex­ual abuse of adult fe­males. He ad­mit­ted it.

In tak­ing the wines from the shelves, the busi­ness that once flour­ished will be ru­ined. The jobs will be gone. It seems like se­vere pun­ish­ment when the em­ploy­ees are pun­ished, as well.

NLC should also be aware that not many peo­ple keep up with the news and peo­ple would have con­tin­ued to buy the wine re­gard­less.

So what is next for us? The stan­dard has now been low­ered. If a per­son is guilty of a crime the govern­ment is not hav­ing any more busi­ness with you. If some­one at Tim Hor­ton’s is guilty of sex­ual ha­rass­ment then do we all stop buy­ing cof­fee at that lo­ca­tion? If a church is guilty of sex­ual abuse, do we stop at­tend­ing?

NLC joined the many across the coun­try and stopped do­ing busi­ness with the sex­ual abuser. A mis­take in my view. Who owns the other winer­ies that sup­ply the NLC and have their back­grounds been checked? Prob­a­bly not.

The NLC echoed other prov­inces; each prov­ince get­ting in turn. The rea­son was to as­sure the vot­ers that this govern­ment and this agency were zero tol­er­ance on sex­ual ha­rass­ment, but look at the cost.

You are ap­ply­ing a stan­dard to this guy that you ap­ply to no one else, and he has failed to meet the stan­dard that he and he alone must meet.

With that think­ing, a guilty party could wipe out Ford or GM.

Roy Whalen Deer Lake

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