Vic­tims of ISIS might find op­pres­sion in Canada

The Beacon (Gander) - - Editorial -

As ISIS has been driven out of vil­lage af­ter vil­lage in Iraq and Syria, re­mark­able pic­tures have come out of these lib­er­ated towns. In each pic­ture, a woman has torn off her niqab, thrown it on the ground and caught it on fire. Just as re­mark­able, in each pic­ture the woman is sur­rounded by a group of men who are watch­ing her — with ap­proval — as she de­stroys her niqab. Mean­while, back in Canada (es­pe­cially English Canada), the niqab has be­come the lat­est cause cele­bre for the pro­gres­sives. From coast to coast, their col­lec­tive voice has been raised in a mighty roar as they con­demn Que­bec’s ban on the niqab — while em­brac­ing it them­selves as the lat­est chap­ter in the never-end­ing strug­gle for hu­man rights, hu­man dig­nity and women’s em­pow­er­ment. And now, the gov­ern­ment has proudly an­nounced it is well on track to take into Canada hun­dreds of ISIS “sex slaves.” These raped and trau­ma­tized women will come to Canada with the ex­pec­ta­tion of find­ing a safe haven — far away from the niqab and all the hor­rors associated with it. In­stead, they will find that the niqab (with the help and sup­port of the pro­gres­sives) is al­ready here — pa­tiently wait­ing for them — smil­ing.

Llew Houn­sell Cor­ner Brook

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