Ode to the best food of all

The Beacon (Gander) - - Editorial - Steve Bartlett Steve Bartlett is an editor with SaltWire Net­work. He dives into the Deep End Mon­days to es­cape re­al­ity and pon­der whether crunchy or smoothy is bet­ter. Reach him at steve.bartlett@thetele­gram.com.

The freakin’ uni­verse for that mat­ter.

There is no other grub as con­ve­nient, as de­pend­able, or most im­por­tantly, as tasty.

I’m be­ing com­pletely se­ri­ous. I LOVE peanut but­ter sand­wiches and have for as long as I can re­mem­ber.

I can vividly re­call be­ing five or six years old and scarf­ing down a hunk of mom’s homemade bread smoth­ered in smoothy.

Mmm …

Peanut but­ter is leg­endary in my life.

It was the stuff of my school lunches.

It was the fuel be­hind two univer­sity de­grees, along with Kraft Din­ner and beer.

It’s what I ate when jilted, cel­e­brat­ing or ah ... ah ... never mind.

And it’s now my go-to when ev­ery­one else in my fam­ily is out for din­ner, when I need a snack, or when time is of the essence.

In fact, just had a peanut but­ter sand­wich be­fore I wrote this. It was deadly!

No of­fence to any­one who’s cooked me a meal, but I’d take peanut but­ter over your casse­role, quiche or caviar.

I’m ob­sessed with the stuff, and never tire of eat­ing it.

And, yes, there are times when I long for it.

How could you not? “Steve doesn’t have much im­por­tant to write about,” some of you might be say­ing.

To them — to those who find a col­umn about peanut but­ter jar­ring — I say “Give me a slice of bread and a jar of PB and I’ll show you the world! If, of course, I choose to share.”

The eye-rollers — who re­ally don’t un­der­stand this col­umn is about es­cap­ing the re­al­ity of cov­er­ing se­ri­ous news seven days a week — should also know there’s a very sig­nif­i­cant date on the cal­en­dar.

Jan­uary 24 is Na­tional Peanut But­ter Day. Yup, Na­tional Peanut But­ter Day.

It’s not a na­tional hol­i­day, but I’m call­ing on my reader to help make it one.

Email me at the ad­dress be­low and, in the sub­ject line, de­clare, “Na­tional Peanut But­ter Day should be a hol­i­day!”

I’ll for­ward the mes­sages to my Mem­ber of Peanut But­ter ... oops, Par­lia­ment ... and de­mand ac­tion.

What’s the worst that can hap­pen? We might get a day off to eat peanut but­ter.

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