What ‘never again’ means

The Canadian Jewish News (Toronto) - - Letters To The Editor - Sam Mit­nick Cote St. Luc, Que.

Bernie Far­ber den­i­grates the use of “never again” by at­tempt­ing to link it to calami­ties that have or are tak­ing place at the present time (“We must give real mean­ing to peace and ‘never again,’” Nov. 3).

As noble as it may be to care for our in­dige­nous peo­ples and the Yazidi refugees, the use of “never again” has no con­nec­tion to any catas­tro­phes per­pe­trated on in­no­cents other than the Holo­caust.

“Never again” rose as a plea from the ashes of Auschwitz and sworn to by the rem­nants of a bro­ken Jewish Peo­ple. This was a cri de coeur that pledged that “never again” will the Jewish Peo­ple per­mit any at­tempt by those who wish to do them ill to suc­ceed.

If left-wing ide­o­logues wish to con­vince them­selves and the world of their good­ness, they can do so.

The mir­a­cle that is the State of Is­rael stands as a bul­wark in the mean­ing of “never again”.

It re­mains for them, and all peo­ple of good faith, to sup­port Is­rael, a moral and de­cent na­tion, in its search for a true and last­ing peace while main­tain­ing the abil­ity to en­sure that “never again” means never again.

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