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This let­ter was orig­i­nally sent to the Mayor and Counci­ilors for the Town of Antigo­nish.

Imag­ine my sur­prise at hear­ing on the lo­cal news that the Town had given St. F.X. $4,000 of our tax money to keep the stu­dents on cam­pus for the Home­com­ing week­end!

Do the mayor and coun­cil­lors hon­estly be­lieve that the stu­dents will not party in town?

I am will­ing to bet my 2019 taxes that we will still have them par­ty­ing all over town.

And the mess they make is dis­gust­ing. Beer cans every­where, bro­ken bot­tles on the street, van- dal­ism ... break­ing trees, bend­ing signs, tear­ing out flow­ers, etc.

And we know it is stu­dents. Not all of them, but enough of them. Be­cause this does not hap­pen when they are not here. The stu­dents need to be held ac­count­able for their ac­tions!

Last year on Home­com­ing week­end, it was a dis­grace.

At 10 a.m. stu­dents were so drunk that they were fall­ing all over them­selves. There was one girl so drunk that she was spread out at the in­ter­sec­tion of St. Ninian Street at the church hill. And three oth­ers as drunk as she was try­ing to pick her up.

There were at least a hun­dred stu­dents par­ty­ing at the in­ter­sec­tion of Fairview Street and High­land Drive.

And what was worse was there were six or seven RCMP stand­ing across the street watch­ing them. If that were one of the tax pay­ing res­i­dents in Antigo­nish, we would have been ar­rested or, at the very least, given a fine.

It was bad enough that the town coun­cil voted to give one per­cent of the raise in our town taxes to the (Keat­ing) Mil­le­nium Cen­tre. I can't even ex­press how an­gry I was to hear that.

The res­i­dents of this town and county pledged their own money to help with the build­ing of the MC. The res­i­dents use the gym and pool but they have to pay a mem­ber­ship to do that.

I use the pool all the time for aqua­size and have to pay to get into it. It is not like we don't pay our own way.

Why the coun­cil feels our tax dol­lars should con­tinue to go to

St. F.X. baf­fles me. They do not pay taxes in this town. That in it­self should be enough.

How the coun­cil could even do this with­out ask­ing the res­i­dents, if they wanted to, is beyond me.

Ma­rina An­stey

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