Those re­spon­si­ble should be made to pay


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Fe­male stu­dents passed out on lawns in dif­fer­ent sec­tions of town

Fe­male stu­dents flash­ing their breasts at peo­ple driv­ing

A male stu­dent uri­nat­ing at the end of the bridge near The Wheel

A fe­male stu­dent squat­ting and uri­nat­ing at the other end of the bridge near The Wheel

A male stu­dent sit­ting on the flower pot on Main Street next to Gabrieau’s, vom­it­ing on Main Street and then pour­ing wa­ter over it to clean it up only to vomit again

Stu­dents walk­ing all over the road and block­ing traf­fic.

I was on the way to James Street from Green­ing Drive and there were six or seven stu­dents spread across walk­ing on the street. I beeped the horn so that I could get through and one of them gave me the fin­ger. When I said the road was here for cars and not for them to block the way, one of them yelled some­thing vul­gar to me.

More garbage all over lawns I don’t know how we can ex­pect them to re­spect our town, when they don’t even re­spect them­selves, which is abun­dantly clear by their ac­tions.

They have to be made ac­count­able for their ac­tions. And, un­for­tu­nately, their ac­tions are be­com­ing more and more dis­gust­ing ev­ery year. The uni­ver­sity does not al­low them to party on cam­pus, and so they let them loose on our com­mu­nity.

I re­al­ize that this is not all of the stu­dents, but there are a lot of stu­dents in­volved and they are cer­tainly not mak­ing it look good for the rest.

Be­fore I headed home at

12:30, I de­cided to go past the Bauer The­atre to see just what was hap­pen­ing there. At that time there was about 10 peo­ple there, most of which looked like they were work­ing.

And af­ter speak­ing to other peo­ple, it is my un­der­stand­ing that no one showed up at this very ex­pen­sive party to which $4,000 of our tax money went to­wards. I’m sure St. F X will not be re­turn­ing our money for the party that never was. It seems to me that what­ever ex­tra money the town had to spend for ex­tra polic­ing, our $4,000 would have been bet­ter spent to go to­wards that. Or bet­ter yet, St. F.X. should be pay­ing the money for the ex­tra polic­ing.

I’m not sure what the an­swer is, but the town needs to stop spend­ing our money to re­ward the bad be­hav­iour of the stu­dents. It should not fall on the tax pay­ers. St. F.X. should be pay­ing for any dam­age that is done to our town by the stu­dents. Even if it means rais­ing their tu­ition. At least then those that are re­spon­si­ble will be pay­ing in the end.

Ma­rina An­stey

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