We asked Fan­shawe Col­lege strik­ing fac­ulty: How will you vote?

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Jeff Miles, English

“I have not voted yet,” said Miles, who has a good idea about which way he’s go­ing to cast his bal­lot.

“We have been strongly en­cour­aged by the union to vote ‘no.’ It would seem like a big waste of time to be on strike for four-and-a-half weeks and to vote on an agree­ment that was worse than the orig­i­nal of­fer . . . I think one would be wise to vote ‘no.’

Janet Foster, early child­hood ed­u­ca­tion

“I see a con­tract that is go­ing back­ward, not for­ward,” said Foster, wear­ing a sand­wich board that read ‘Ask me why I voted no.’ “We’re not ask­ing for the world. We’re ask­ing for fair­ness.”

Though the stu­dent in­take has in­creased from 200 to 600, Foster said her pro­gram has the same num­ber of full-time in­struc­tors as when she started teach­ing 27 years ago. The bal­ance is made up of part-time staff.

“The ma­jor­ity of them have other jobs. When I’m done class, I can stay around . . . I’m avail­able to my stu­dents all the time,” she said, adding it’s of­ten harder for her part-time col­leagues to put in face-time with stu­dents.

“It’s about qual­ity. You want to have qual­ity pro­grams.”

Francesca Ranalli, the­atre arts

“It’s not fun be­ing out here. It’s not fun not hav­ing a salary and hav­ing chil­dren. Those things are hard,” Ranalli said. “But do I think that there’s a just cause? Yeah, I do.”

Ranalli hasn’t voted on the deal yet, but said push­ing for a sta­ble and re­spect­ful work en­vi­ron­ment sets a prece­dent she hopes will shape the work­force her stu­dents are en­ter­ing. “It’s about stand­ing up for how peo­ple are treated . . . . They’re eth­i­cal con­cerns,” she said.

Dar­ryl Bed­ford, in­for­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy in­struc­tor

“I voted to re­ject,” said Bed­ford, who is crit­i­cal of changes to work­load lim­its and other clauses in the pro­posed con­tract.

“It is sneaky stuff,” said the OPSEU bar­gain­ing team mem­ber. “It has lan­guage they’re hop­ing peo­ple won’t look at. They’re hop­ing peo­ple won’t read it. This lan­guage, if it were to pass, un­der­mines ev­ery­thing we’ve achieved in the bar­gain­ing process.”



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