Food bank us­age up nine per cent since 2009

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Well I’m back and not off to a good start on my first col­umn. I had most of it done and I hit the wrong key and it took off for some for­eign place and I can’t seem to re­trieve it.

The um­brella Group of Food Banks Canada states that, since 2009, food bank use is up nine per cent. In March, 2010 a to­tal of 867,948 peo­ple were helped by food banks in Canada, the high­est record in Canada.

The edi­tor of “Now Events We Share,” or NEWS, Jean Smith, is in the process of fi­nal­iz­ing the news­let­ter. They could be ready for Feb. 5.

Chignecto Pres­by­te­rial UCW Pres­i­dent Irene Caswell has called a sub-ex­ec­u­tive meet­ing for Satur­day, Feb. 5 at 9:30 a.m. Lunch will be brown bag. The storm date is set for Feb. 19.

Chignecto Pres­bytery is plan­ning to meet on Feb. 16 so the NEWS could be picked up on any of these days.

The ge­neal­ogy cen­tre is look­ing for those lit­tle sil­ica bags that you find in footwear, purs- es, pill con­tain­ers and other items. They would like to put them in the archival stor­age boxes so, if you come across some, just drop them off.

The Lions club is also look­ing for used stamps. They can be clipped with a half-inch border. Do not cut or tear the stamp. There are nu­mer­ous ways to re­cy­cle. I be­lieve Of­fice XPerts will take empty car­tridges when you buy a re­place­ment. Check it out.

Be­fore I went away I re­ceived the dev­as­tat­ing pic­tures of Ber­wick Camp. That is go­ing to take a lot of time and ef­fort to put it back in shape be­fore the last week­end in July when camp is sup­posed to start.

I have heard of so many deaths since re­turn­ing home. One in par­tic­u­lar is Cathy Peters. She lived in Amherst at one time. Her brother Bill was the man­ager at TD Bank at one time.

She came down for Mar­i­lyn’s visi­ta­tion and she was a joy to see. My love and prayers go out to her fam­ily. I haven’t read all the pa­pers yet but I’m sure there is more.

Sym­pa­thy is ex­tended to Money and Geral­dine Martin on the death of Gerry and also to the fam­ily of Ella Greeno.

There will be a covenant­ing ser­vice for the Rev. Chris­tine MacLeod of the Cum­ber­land Pas­toral Charge, which in­cludes River He­bert and Jog­gins. The ser­vice will be held on Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. at Trin­ity United in River He­bert.

There will also be a covenant­ing ser­vice for the Rev. Catharine Gaw at the Sackville United Church on Feb. 6 at 2:30 p.m. at the Sackville United Church on the corner of Main and York Streets

Some­thing to think about: The best years of your life come be­tween grow­ing pains and arthri­tis.

Weekly quote: Sched­ule all your wor­ry­ing for a spe­cific half-hour about the mid­dle of the day. Then take a nap dur­ing this pe­riod.

Have a good week.

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