Base­ball in Wentworth: part two

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What has hap­pened to base­ball in Wentworth? From what were many base­ball teams in the Wentworth area has in 2017 dwin­dled to three base­ball play­ers who join a base­ball team by go­ing to Truro or Ox­fords or Tata­m­agouche.

Rea­son may the dig­i­tal age of smart phones which cap­ture at­ten­tion away from out­door sports in the sum­mer. In 2017, the ball field is empty of base­ball play­ers. We have to thank the coaches of past years who or­ga­nized the base­ball games: Wil­lard Lynds, Doug Curry, Faye Teed, So­nia Brown, Sharon Teed, Danny Palmer, Brian Kiever, etc.(Coach names I found in re­search).

I was told re­cently that of the 90 peo­ple aged 0 to 18 (of course, one has to sub­tract at least ages 0 to 5), there are no signs of in­ter­est in base­ball. Base­ball games were once the most pop­u­lar sport in Wentworth dur­ing the sum­mer. Events of­ten go in cir­cles and base­ball may be played again in Wentworth. Now we can, at least, cel­e­brate the past as base­ball used to be the favourite sport in Wentworth dur­ing the sum­mer.

I do not have a com­plete list of the names of the base­ball teams in Wentworth, but the ones I found in re­search fol­lows here in num­bered photos and/ or lists of names as Wentworth teams: #1. A 1904 Wentworth base­ball team, photo, list; #2. A Wentworth 1930 Championship Team Cen­tral Nova, list; #3. Wentworth Base­ball Team, photo, list; #4 Wentworth 1981 Red Sox Awards Ban­quet, photo, list; #5.Wentworth Sox Award Win­ners, photo, list; #6. Wentworth Val­ley Pi­rates Base­ball Team, photo, list; #7. Wentworth Val­ley Pi­rates Base­ball Team, Ju­nior Cat­e­gory, photo; #8. Wentworth Bi­son A Divi­sion Base­ball Wentworth, photo, list; #9. Wentworth T-Ball Team Tiny Tots Divi­sion, photo, list; #10. Wentworth Mid­get Raiders Ball Team, win­ners of Mid­get C Base­ball League 1980 by beat­ing Ox- ford team, also win­ning League ti­tle three times straight in 1978, 1979, 1980, photo, list; #11. Wentworth Ban­tam Base­ball Team fol­low­ing tro­phy pre­sen­ta­tion, photo, list; #12. Wentworth Red Sox Base­ball Team – Beaver Divi­sion, photo list; #13. Coach Wil­lard Lynds Re­ceives Wentworth Base­ball League Tro­phy, photo, list; #14. Wentworth Base­ball War­riors, photo, list; #15. Wentworth Base­ball War­riors Re­ceive Tro­phy photo, list. Printed in my last col­umn were six photos and in this col­umn part two I print six more.

A. 1930 Championship Team Cen­tral Nova Sco­tia: Cap­tain Bill Walsh, Bat­boy Billy Walsh, Pitcher Basil Wil­son, Catcher Doug Hen­der­son, Catcher first base Art Betts, Catcher 2nd base Bill Walsh, Catcher 3rd base Bob Swal­low, Right field Leo Fee­ley, Short­stop Art Lit­tle, Left field Bob Red­mond, Cen­tre field Hol­lie Langille, Um­pire Len Wood­worth, Of­fi­cial score­keeper Fred Huestis.

B. Wentworth Ban­tam Base­ball Team (not in order): fol­low­ing tro­phy pre­sen­ta­tion : Jeff Red­mond, Michael Jack­son, Shawn Langille, Steve Blair, Jamie Brown, Sean Teed, Jimmy Teed, Shawn Pa­triquin, Quincy Brown, Trevor Brown, Scott Moore, Chris Red­mond, and Coach Doug Curry.

C. Wentworth War­riors Base­ball Team, 1976: Back row: Ge­orge Red­mond, Bob Madore, Gary McNutt, Jim McNutt, Robert Palmer, Se­cond row: War­ren Pa­triquin, Reg Red­mond, Terry Keiver, Bob Red­mond, Win­ston Pa­triquin, Font row: Charles McGill, Barry Pa­triquin, Ron McNutt.

D. Wentworth Mid­get Raiders Ball Team Win­ning Mid­get C Base­ball League, 1980, Elim­i­nat­ing Ox­ford Team and Win­ners of Three Straight in League 1978, 1979, 1980: Front row: El­wood Lynds, Dar­renWebb, Steven Brown, Edi­son Lynds, Jim Palmer, Back row: Wil­lard Lynds coach, Jeff Webb, Paul Dormi­ety, Chris Webb, Richard Mat­tatall, Roy Steeves, Wade Col­burne, Lester Palmer, Brian Palmer, Dar­ren Pa­triquin, Stand­ing in Cen­tre, Back row: Owen Lynds: Bat boy and score­keeper. Mid­get C Base­ball League com­posed of teams from Lonon­derry, Mala­gash, Ox­ford and Wentworth.

E. Wentworth Red Sox Award Win­ners: Back row: Casey Palmer, Troy Wood­worth, Dwayne Brown, , Bev­erly Wood (guest), Front row: Geoffrey Red­mond, Jimmy Teed, Shawn Pa­triquin.

F. Wentworth T-Ball Team of Tiny Tots: Photo: Mem­bers were Stephanie Mur­ray, Kevin Rush­ton, Mieke Jean VanVulpen, Sammy Roger, Craig Lit­tle, Brian Palmer, Dawn Webb, Stephanie McNutt, Rob Cross, Christa Thomp­son.

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