The age of aquar­i­ums

Justin Wheeler knows what makes a fish tank sink or swim.

The Coast - Pets Halifax - - Tanks For All The Fish - BY JA­COB BOON

See that fish tank in your den­tist’s wait­ing room? Chances are Justin Wheeler has had his hands in it. The owner of aquar­ium main­te­nance com­pany Some­thing Fishy tends to dozens of fish tanks all over the city. Al­though Wheeler was lit­er­ally up to his el­bows when first con­tacted by The Coast, we even­tu­ally got ahold of him dur­ing a quiet mo­ment to talk about his cho­sen liveli­hood and the un­der­ap­pre­ci­ated af­fec­tion of pet fish. Justin Wheeler: Usu­ally when a new client comes to me, they have these huge ideas they want to do that are quite often out of reach and very im­prac­ti­cal. We then look at the re­al­i­ties of hav­ing a fish tank, and what we can get away with suc­cess­fully. ac­tu­ally. Peo­ple have no idea that you ac­tu­ally have to do a main­te­nance rou­tine on these things. I think a lot of peo­ple who’ve never kept fish be­fore think you set it up, you fill it up, you put fish in it and you walk away. Any­body can set up a tank and ig­nore it, and fail at it mis­er­ably. A fair amount of my steady work is from places who have put a tank in not re­al­iz­ing what it needs for proper care and up­keep. They want to have it, but they don’t want to get their hands wet.

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