Our in­au­gu­ral weed re­view

Su­per Sil­ver Haze is great weed, but plain old Sil­ver Haze is more su­per.


Since my early teens, I’ve been com­bat­ting early on­set os­teo­poro­sis while liv­ing with chron­i­cally in­flamed tis­sue, anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion and at­ten­tion-deficit dif­fi­cul­ties. Over the last decade I have opened my cannabis con­sump­tion up to its medic­i­nal uses, in­clud­ing mi­cro­dos­ing in my one-hit pipe, us­ing THC-in­fused top­i­cal arthri­tis balm on my joints and smok­ing de­cent hauls of hash ev­ery three weeks to deal with dys­men­or­rhea. In the last year I’ve be­come a mem­ber of two med­i­cal dis­pen­saries, Coastal Can­napy and Canna Clinic.

This spring and sum­mer, both shops stocked Su­per Sil­ver Haze, a Sa­tiva hy­brid with a high THC per­cent­age. I soon started re­fer­ring to it as “mar­i­juana Cipralex” (the lit­tle white pill I take for my daily boost of sero­tonin). Su­per has a frosty in­digo glean, deep woodsy smell and smokes clean de­spite how crumbly even its fresh buds can be. It packs a real up­per­cut— I’m cat­a­pulted to peak stoned be­fore even reach­ing roach ter­ri­tory. I cheer­fully tor­nado through an en­tire kitchen and bath­room deep clean (though I jump be­tween chores with a rac­ing mind be­fore com­plet­ing them) and tum­ble slowly back down to earth as the high goes on. Alone time is ex­tremely rare and pre­cious to me, and Su­per is a choice solo strain for mak­ing to-do lists less an­noy­ing.

When I get recre­ational and share a bowl with my neigh­bour we flood my kitchen with mo­tor­mouth punch­lines. They tell me they def­i­nitely would not want to be in pub­lic af­ter smok­ing Sil­ver: “Pot ei­ther am­pli­fies my abil­ity to par­tic­i­pate in the world or makes the par­tic­i­pat­ing very stress­ful.” We agree Su­per Sil­ver seems to be best suited for pri­vate smok­ing, or with your go-to bud­dies.

Strains tend to come and go and in Su­per Sil­ver’s ab­sence I’ve had sim­i­lar highs from Moby Dick (if you’re train­ing for the mul­ti­task­ing Olympics) and Ea­gle Scout (earn a badge for be­ing life of the party). I was cu­ri­ous when two fa­mil­iar words popped up on Coastal’s WeedMaps menu: Sil­ver Haze, hold the Su­per. I blasted down to in­spect the bright tan­ger­ine-speck­led buds, whose painfully juicy aroma made my mouth wa­ter and gums hurt like I ate too many sour ropes. I grabbed three grams and went home to sesh and nerd out about the two strains’ ge­netic lin­eage.

Both are hy­brid plants par­ented by their name­sake Haze, a stim­u­lat­ing Sa­tiva pop­u­lar­ized in 1960s Cal­i­for­nia that sparks cre­ativ­ity, and in­dica-dom­i­nant North­ern Lights, a dream­boat of a mind/mus­cle re­lax­ant with a legacy of beloved strain ba­bies. Cross­bred, Haze and North­ern Lights be­come Sil­ver Haze, which can then cross­breed with elec­tri­fy­ing sa­tiva Skunk No. 1, gen­er­at­ing Su­per Sil­ver Haze and one in­tense brain-buzz.

Smok­ing plain Sil­ver was one of the purest feel­ings of re­lief I have ex­pe­ri­enced. Af­ter my first dose, I wanted to text ev­ery­one who heard me gush about its Su­per sib­ling and re­tract my Cipralex state­ment: I have found my new top tier strain. Sil­ver is ex­po­nen­tially more ground­ing, so­cial and far less “psy­choac­tive” than Su­per, and the men­tal high does not con­flict with my sur­round­ings or my mood, but in­stills a feel­ing of as­sur­ance.

Where Su­per had me bounc­ing off the walls, plain Sil­ver soothes a spin­ning psy­che, slow­ing time down enough to let me catch my breath with­out com­pro­mis­ing my abil­ity to par­tic­i­pate in pro­fes­sional or so­cial set­tings. It’s eas­ier to hold eye con­tact (which so­cial anx­i­ety makes dif­fi­cult) and to re­tain di­rec­tions (which I’m ter­ri­ble at). You could bust out a blunt of Sil­ver Haze at a party and feel con­fi­dent no one is go­ing to trip—even your light­weight buddy who hasn’t smoked since high school.

Most vi­tal of all, Sil­ver Haze of­fers a re­fresh­ing mind­set al­ter­ca­tion where I can be com­fort­able in my own pres­ence. What a treat to just let my in­ner mono­logue flow with­out block­ing it with hyper-judge­men­tal self­aware­ness. For a high-func­tion­ing strain to re­lax your mind but keep you ac­count­able, keep your eyes peeled for Sil­ver Haze. I’m on my way to bag a quar­ter up from Coastal Can­napy now.

This is Lucy LaPlante’s first weed re­view for The Coast but, with le­gal­iza­tion com­ing by July 2018, not the last. You can email her at hal­i­juana@the­coast.ca.

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