Hal­i­fax says “grass­cy­cling”

Re­cy­cling hal­i­fax has new ra­dio ad about “grass­cy­cling.” “Grass­cy­cling is when you let your lawn cut­tings fall into your lawn. It is a great new idea and you should try it!” OMFG! City hall is pay­ing some­one a good salary to come up with... um... noth­ing!

Hey, dum­b­ass! It is called mow­ing with a mulching blade. It has been around for many, many decades. Just be­cause you gave it a new word doesn’t mean that it is new.

I am pissed. I am pissed that some­one pays you a salary. I am pissed that you are so smug to think that this is some­thing that only you know about. I am floored that you don’t rec­og­nize that this is not some­thing that requires a high priced ed­u­ca­tional ad on the ra­dio. Do the tax­pay­ers a favour and quit your job so some­one worth their pay­cheque can re­place you. —In the Real World, You’d Be Fired For Wast­ing Money

The Coast doesn’t suck

I just wanted to ap­plaud The Coast for this week’s is­sue with the two beau­ti­ful hu­mans on the cover. Thanks for in­clud­ing and even—gasp—cel­e­brat­ing peo­ple of all shapes and sizes. While we’re all try­ing to be more tol­er­ant and ac­cept­ing, overweight peo­ple are still rou­tinely dis­crim­i­nated against and ridiculed, with lit­tle support from any­one and un­for­tu­nately this mis­treat­ment is of­ten ig­nored or seen as jus­ti­fied (as if dis­crim­i­nat­ing against an en­tire group of peo­ple based solely on what they look like can ever be jus­ti­fied) for rea­sons of “health” or “not want­ing to glo­rify obe­sity.”

I’m sure you’re gonna get some hate­ful, ig­no­rant bull­shit in re­sponse but I for one am say­ing thank you for em­brac­ing a group of peo­ple that is of­ten de­nied their rights to be­ing treated with dig­nity, re­spect and ba­sic hu­man de­cency. —Lover

Small busi­ness, big mouths

I’m sure it gets bor­ing be­hind the counter of a small store, and maybe you hadn’t seen your buddy in ages. Re­gard­less, if some­one you don’t know comes in the store it would make good sense not to shit all over an­other in­de­pen­dent busi­ness, es­pe­cially when you don’t know if that “new” cus­tomer in your store has known the busi­ness owner you’re say­ing rips peo­ple off and is a gen­eral ass­hole for al­most 20 years.

I hov­ered close to you and your bud while you dumped on the guy. One of my great­est flaws is that I can’t keep my feel­ings off my face—even your 60-plus eyes had to see my eye-rolling when I was by the cash look­ing at items be­hind your friend, planted in place like a statue in need of re­moval.

There’s noth­ing sad­der than 60-some­thing men gos­sip­ing about other small busi­ness own­ers, ba­si­cally call­ing them scam­mers and fail­ures. Had the ac­tual owner of your store been in, she would have turned her at­ten­tion to the only pay­ing cus­tomer in the store and wouldn’t have been gos­sip­ing in the first place; sadly it was two geezers who couldn’t care less who was there, who they might know, or what they wanted. The cus­tomer ser­vice sucked, but hear­ing two sil­ver­haired men tear­ing apart an­other small in­de­pen­dent busi­ness owner was well be­yond pa­thetic. Easy to see who de­serves my money and who doesn’t. —Not My Typewriter

Di­a­pers: Put this in your clear bag

I had my dear grand­mother visit for a month this sum­mer. She uses adult di­a­pers, which are 10 times stinkier than a baby’s di­a­per. Hal­i­fax requires Haligo­ni­ans to put their di­a­pers in the clear bag. HAL­I­FAX ONLY PICKS UP MY GARBAGE ONCE EV­ERY TWO WEEKS! WTF?! THIS SHIT HAS TO GO SOME­WHERE! DON’T JUST LEAVE IT ON THE STREET! I pity the neigh­bour that parks his mo­tor­cy­cle down­wind from my garbage cans.

—Wrin­kled Nose

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