Fall weed pre­view

It’s the sea­son of melan­choly and the in­fi­nite in­dica.

The Coast - - HALIJUANA - BY LUCY LAPLANTE Lucy LaPlante is The Coast’s cannabis re­viewer. You can email your lo­cal rec­om­men­da­tions to her at hal­i­juana@the­coast.ca.

Well jeez. Fall is here and I only swam in the ocean twice, wast­ing an­other sum­mer ashore over­caf­feinated, hun­gover and try­ing to sup­press my trusty sea­sonal head cold while meet­ing var­i­ous dead­lines. Th­ese melan­choly au­tumn breezes are gust­ing in a crav­ing for a deep com­fort­ing strain, and so I’ve been reach­ing for the twi­light em­brace of Cannabis in­dica.

Sa­ti­vas and in­di­cas are the two main types of mar­i­juana, and their dif­fer­ences are the first les­son in con­scious cannabis con­sump­tion. The for­mer is en­er­giz­ing, cere­bral and best for day­time use; the lat­ter can bring on body highs and couch-lock, and is typ­i­cally rec­om­mended for bed­time. Be­cause po­etry oc­curs nat­u­rally in the wild, the flow­ers’ ef­fects mir­ror how they grow in na­ture: Sa­tiva plants love the sun and man­age well out­doors, where in­di­cas en­joy stay­ing in, flour­ish­ing in en­closed spa­ces.

Sa­ti­vas and sa­tiva-dom­i­nant hy­brids are of­ten used to treat at­ten­tion deficit is­sues and de­pres­sion, mak­ing them my go-to for stay­ing mo­ti­vated and alert. How­ever, a pep­per­ing of fam­ily ill­ness, ac­ci­dents and fleet­ing bit­ter­sweet vis­its paired with re­la­tion­ship stress (plus that afore­men­tioned lack of salt wa­ter!!) has left me in need of a more se­dat­ing smoke. Wor­ri­some and even un­wanted thoughts be­gan to frac­ture my imag­i­na­tion as the stres­sors piled up, and so I be­gan a quest for a peace­mak­ing in­dica knock-out.

I do al­ways keep “pm” weed around, usu­ally to ease joint pain and to help slow down my mo­tor-mouthed psy­che to get some good shut-eye. Pink Bubba, a cross of beloved in­dica Bubba Kush and po­tent hy­brid Pink Kush, smokes sweet and smooth with a faint pine taste, and makes a per­fect “in­tro” strain. The high un­knot­ted my clenched fist of a brain, de­flat­ing my rigid and ob­ses­sive worry to a soupy, semi-dreamy state. The idea of sit­ting down to a task seemed more like a joke than a pos­si­bil­ity as my Bubba brain wan­dered down paths on its own ac­cord. It was a wel­come dis­trac­tion and I felt per­mis­sion to sim­ply rest, choos­ing to stay sta­tion­ary with­out the phys­i­cal couch-lock re­stric­tion. Pink Bubba didn’t quite blast the ten­sion from my anx­i­ety tight spots though, and where some strains are ca­pa­ble of pin­point­ing pain and melt­ing it away, Pinkie fell short of the heavy stoned so­lace I was hop­ing for.

North end dis­pen­sary Coastal Can­napy re­cently re­leased a Death Can­napy strain that blends the sooth­ing force of Death Star and BC med­i­cal favourite Death Bubba. A deep, woodsy bud with hairy or­ange high­lights, it boasts juicy crys­tals, deep earthy in­hale and diesel/berry ex­hale. The high wrings your mind of its daily thought buildup with a heady burst early on, then mel­lows into a gig­gly state and wards off abra­sive thoughts. Death Can­napy is one of the most ver­sa­tile in­di­cas I’ve tried—I’ve com­fort­ably mi­cro­dosed with my part­ner be­fore ac­com­plish­ing gen­tle tasks, rolled it up for a com­mu­nal night­cap with friends and vaped my wor­ries away alone be­fore bed. I love the men­tal flow from the en­er­getic “wring­ing” to toasty tran­quil marsh­mal­low, and the pain re­lief that fol­lowed.

My favourite misery-in­dulging stone of all came from Green­point Seed’s Ea­gle Scout. A swad­dling in­dica hy­brid best paired with a jazzy sound­track on a misty day as you drive around with a long-lost sib­ling, shoot­ing the shit and get­ting pre­emp­tively de­pressed be­cause you know they’re just gonna leave town again (or what­ever your bizarre Wes An­der­son is­sues that get ex­as­per­ated in the fall are). Dense, deep pur­ple and de­li­cious, Ea­gle Scout is a cross­breed of megas­tar sa­tiva Girl Scout Cook­ies and well-bal­anced hy­brid Star­dawg. Its ther­a­peu­tic high shook away emo­tional walls and chronic pain alike, and per­fectly com­ple­ment a re­flec­tive, moody spirit. Keep your eyes peeled to score this med­i­ta­tive wool blan­ket bud, then set­tle in to watch the leaves change colour and blow away into win­ter.

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