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An 18-wheeler truck parks and takes the space of three or four cars in a no-park­ing zone near my home to de­liver one or two small boxes to a restau­rant. This is hap­pen­ing on a daily ba­sis. I have ob­served sim­i­lar de­liv­er­ies be­ing made all over the down­town area of Hal­i­fax by 18-wheel­ers.

Enough al­ready! Such de­liv­er­ies should be made by small panel trucks: 18-wheel­ers need to be banned on the penin­sula of Hal­i­fax. They are dan­ger­ous, take up pre­cious space when parked, make ex­ces­sive noise with their diesel mo­tors and are to­tally un­nec­es­sary. Have you ever ob­served an 18-wheeler ne­go­ti­at­ing the turn at Bar­ring­ton Street and Spring Gar­den Road? Most times the rear of the ve­hi­cle crosses over the side­walk, which is full of pedes­tri­ans, strollers, walk­ers, etc. This is an un­ac­cept­able risk to the safety of our ci­ti­zens.

A truck route needs to be es­tab­lished which can be used by 18-wheel­ers to go between the con­tainer ports and the high­way. If they are re­quired, in ex­cep­tional sit­u­a­tions, to bring large loads into the down­town, a fee should be charged and the ve­hi­cle should be un­der es­cort to en­sure our safety. This will en­cour­age the trans­porters to make the loads ef­fi­cient and less fre­quent.

I have spo­ken to mayor Mike Savage and my coun­cil­lor Waye Ma­son about this, and both agreed with me re­gard­ing the noise and the se­ri­ous safety is­sues. I chal­lenge them and the other HRM coun­cil­lors to move into an ac­tion mode on this one be­fore it is too late.

—Suzanne Hast­ings-James, Hal­i­fax

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