Best pot for pe­ri­ods

Five cannabis prod­ucts to help get you through PMS.

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When it comes time for your monthly uter­ine mas­sacre, you bet Mary Jane has your back—and any­where else that aches whilst surf­ing the crim­son wave. Here are the cannabis prod­ucts that my co-work­ers and part­ner can thank for not be­ing murdered by me once ev­ery three weeks.

1 Arthri­tis balm from Can­nal­ife Botan­i­cals

Ever heard of our bod­ies’ en­do­cannabi­noid sys­tem? It reg­u­lates mood, mem­ory, ap­petite, pain and in­flam­ma­tion, while co-pi­lot­ing the im­mune, re­pro­duc­tive, car­dio­vas­cu­lar and gas­troin­testi­nal sys­tems. The 100-plus chem­i­cal com­pounds cannabis is made up of (like psy­choac­tive THC, and CBD which helps with pain) fit into dif­fer­ent en­do­cannabi­noid sys­tem cell re­cep­tors like bro­ken­hearted BFF lock­ets.

When us­ing med­i­cated top­i­cals, THC com­pounds bind to CB2, a re­cep­tor bun­dle that deals with anal­gesic mat­ters. THC from top­i­cals doesn’t cross into your blood­stream— and there­fore doesn’t get you high—but it stim­u­lates the CB2 re­cep­tors for lo­cal­ized pain re­lief.

I’m ob­sessed with ev­ery lab-tested prod­uct I’ve tried from Van­cou­ver’s Can­nal­ife Botan­i­cals. They use “lo­cal, or­ganic and con­sciously sourced in­gre­di­ents” and I as­sume Skyrim­level mas­ter alchemy, blend­ing in­fused cannabis oils with the per­fect as­sort­ment of es­sen­tial oils. The arthri­tis balm is a mul­ti­tasker. Sa­tiva, com­frey and net­tle pro­vides im­me­di­ate heat-ac­ti­vated re­lief from cramps and bloat­ing. Le­mon­grass and ginger es­sen­tial oils aid digest and also soothe mus­cle pain. And hor­mone-bal­anc­ing cedar­wood, an em­me­na­gogue that can help reg­u­late men­strual cy­cles, rounds out this heaven-sent prod­uct. Their 70ml stick (194mg THC) should last mul­ti­ple cy­cles.

2 Bath salts from Can­nal­ife Botan­i­cals

Not jok­ing about be­ing ob­sessed! Day Three of my cy­cle is the w-o-r-s-t, and Can­nal­ife’s med­i­cated bath salts upped my bath­time rit­ual ten­fold. My favourite type is El­e­vate, which in­cludes re­fresh­ing and anti-in­flam­ma­tory eu­ca­lyp­tus to clear headaches and re­duce cramps. Its stim­u­lat­ing, de­con­ges­tant prop­er­ties are also known to calm ir­ri­tabil­ity. Gera­nium oil in­flu­ences the re­lease of adrenal hor­mones, there­fore re­duc­ing fluc­tu­a­tions in hor­mone lev­els, there­fore you don’t in­ex­pli­ca­bly cry your­self to sleep think­ing about the se­ries fi­nale of Buffy, or what­ever. Up­lift­ing berg­amot oil aids in main­tain­ing the body’s meta­bolic rate, which means less mood­i­ness!

There are also flavonoids present in berg­amot that re­duce anx­i­ety and stress, so sign me TF up. If you’re a bath-hater, use the salts as a scrub on your lower back, ab­domen, hips and thighs, and fol­low up with your painre­liev­ing balm.

3 Hash

Ah­hhh, sweet hashish. A col­lec­tion of mar­i­juana tri­chomes con­tain­ing large con­cen­tra­tions of THC, cannabi­noids and ter­penes pressed into a co­he­sive mass, it’s the very essence of MJ. The ef­fects of smok­ing my fave type, Afghani Romeo&Juliet, en­velops the body like a hot water bot­tle hug and tastes like a deep caramel treat.

My tough­est pal Lil­lian de­scribes her in­tense menses as “an all-en­com­pass­ing pres­sure of pelvic pain.” She has sworn by hash cycli­cally for years as “the only thing” that cuts through her pain with­out sac­ri­fic­ing men­tal clar­ity: “It’s rooted in your body and lets your mind carry on with its busi­ness un­in­ter­rupted.”

4 CBD cap­sules (or suck­ers!)

There are cer­tain en­do­cannabi­noid re­cep­tors in our body that match up ex­clu­sively with CBD, which doesn’t get you stoned in its pure form. When my uterus be­comes its monthly bal­loon full of ce­ment and shoves all my other or­gans around, tak­ing up to four CBD cap­sules a day has com­pletely re­placed my need for stom­ach-wall-erod­ing Naproxen. I’m also a fan of Hem­pMed’s CBD Lol­lipop. At 100mg a stick it’s a sweet, strong way to get your meds.

5 Get high

Grab your favourite strain—shat­ter, ed­i­ble, what­ever. Re­fer to the Hal­i­juana archives at the­ for re­views of some of my faves!

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