Down to Earth­tones

It’s been years, but Ba­hamas is fi­nally bring­ing a new record to Halifax.


Ba­hamas w/Old Man Luedecke Fri­day, Jan­uary 12, 8pm Re­becca Cohn Au­di­to­rium, 6101 Uni­ver­sity Av­enue $41.50

When Ba­hamas plays the Re­becca Cohn on Fri­day night, it’ll be ex­actly one week be­fore the release of his fourth al­bum,

Earth­tones. The artist is ex­cited to play the new songs—it’s go­ing on four years since his last record, Ba­hamas Is Afie, and its ex­ten­sive, ex­haus­tive tour­ing cy­cle.

“I had dif­fer­ent ideas for mu­sic,” says Afie Jur­va­nen, AKA Ba­hamas. “But ba­si­cally I wasn’t sure what kind of al­bum to make— I wanted to make some­thing that sounded mod­ern and con­tem­po­rary and wasn’t like nos­tal­gic or throw­back in any way.”

Af­ter a sug­ges­tion from his man­ager Rob­bie Lack­ritz, Ba­hamas ended up record­ing with ses­sion mu­si­cians from R&B leg­end D’An­gelo’s rhythm sec­tion.

“I just feel like that’s the sound—it’s el­e­men­tal. At the risk of sound­ing corny, it’s just, to me those are the earth­tones,” says Jur­va­nen. “They just hit you right in the soul and they’re from some deep, deep, el­e­men­tal place.”

Jur­va­nen went into the ses­sions with an open mind, pieces of songs and no ex­pec­ta­tions dur­ing the three-day record­ing ses­sion in Los An­ge­les last fall.

“I came away from it think­ing ‘holy smokes,’ I don’t even know what genre of mu­sic this is,” he says. “You can’t say it sounds like this or that, it sounds like its own thing, which for me was al­ways the goal, to make some­thing that sounds unique.”

Jur­va­nen did more record­ing with his tour­ing band and the re­sult is Earth­tones, an al­bum that’s play­ful and hon­est as he sings about life on the road, re­la­tion­ships and de­pres­sion.

“Mu­sic has al­ways served a lot of func­tions for me. It’s my hobby, it’s my pro­fes­sion and it’s like ther­apy and it’s like all the stuff,” he says. “I get to use mu­sic to work out a lot of my own stuff.”


Ba­hamas’ new record “sounds like its own thing.”

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