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I un­der­stand the need for con­sis­tent pay­cheques, but the un­happy staff at Smil­ing Goat Or­ganic Es­presso Bar are not OWED a health plan (“More cof­fee more prob­lems at Smil­ing Goat,” City story by Re­becca Ding­well, posted March 23 at the­ That is at the em­ployer’s dis­cre­tion! At the end of the day Smil­ing Goat is still a small cof­fee shop chain, and health plans may be some­thing they have to give up un­til the busi­nesses get stronger. Unions have a habit of driv­ing small busi­nesses un­der, so the staff could all lose their jobs now in­stead! —posted at the­coast. ca by gar­gramel

Ac­tu­ally, yes, ac­cord­ing to their col­lec­tive agree­ment the union­ized staff are legally owed a health plan. If Kit Singh didn’t want to pro­vide a health plan to his em­ploy­ees, then he should not have bought two cof­fee shops where the em­ploy­ees had an ex­ist­ing col­lec­tive agree­ment that said that the em­ployer owes them a health plan. —posted by chris902

This sounds like a per­fect case for Pink Larkin law firm’s pro bono lawyer. The owner wouldn’t owe just for wages, but any fees for bounc­ing pay­cheques. What the heck kind of “lo­gis­ti­cal” is­sue causes a cheque to (re­peat­edly) bounce. Oh right: No fund$. —Heather Too via The Coast’s Face­book page

“Unions have a habit of driv­ing small busi­nesses un­der.” And small, greedy busi­nesses have a habit of screw­ing em­ploy­ees over, hence the NEED for unions. —posted by Lex Dunn 1

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