A tour of lo­cal busi­ness that have pets

Dear cat peo­ple and puppy cud­dlers: If you’re in need of an an­i­mal visit, these busi­nesses have you cov­ered.


Some­times, in cities like New York, there will be a ran­dom cat roam­ing around a con­ve­nience store. Or a sleepy dog barely vis­i­ble be­hind a desk or counter. Hal­i­fax is no dif­fer­ent—friendly pets can also be found in busi­nesses of all kinds. And it’s not just cats and dogs. (There’s also a bunny.)

An am­i­ca­ble dog named Graty spends the busi­ness days at Oddfel­lows Bar­ber­shop (6451 Quin­pool Road.) The six-year-old pug/ bea­gle mix hangs out with the busi­ness’ owner—and his owner—Joel Martell. Graty loves to keep cus­tomers com­pany while they wait for ap­point­ments. “It’s not un­com­mon for Graty to curl up in a cus­tomer’s lap for like 20 min­utes,” says Martell. Graty is so pop­u­lar, in fact, he even has vis­i­tors who come just to see him. “He’s def­i­nitely the per­son­al­ity around here,” says Martell. “He’s the whole damn pack­age.”

At Zwicker’s Gallery (5415 Doyle Street) are two con­fi­dent and cu­ri­ous cats, Min­gus and El­liot, roam­ing around the Maud Lewis paint­ings and an­tique stat­ues. “They’re always present,” says gallery as­sis­tant Re­becca Winn. “Min­gus likes land­scapes and ab­stracts—that’s what I catch him look­ing at the most.”

At 3600 Kempt Road are two dogs ready to greet cus­tomers at Etc. Press, Otis and Henry. Joan War­ren and her hus­band are the own­ers of the two res­cues and bring them to work ev­ery day. Most days, she says, they ei­ther sleep a lot or run to meet peo­ple at the door. “They’re part of the fam­ily,” she says, “We found it’s re­ally ther­a­peu­tic to have a dog [here].”

At Finer Things An­tiques (6438 Quin­pool Road) is a few-months old French bull­dog puppy named Wally. He suc­ceeds an­other French bull­dog, Louie, who was in the store for seven years. His owner, Jack Craft, says the breed is typ­i­cally re­ally laid­back and friendly, and this mixes well with cus­tomers. “Peo­ple love him. He’s kind of a celebrity,” he says of Wally. The puppy’s favourite ac­tiv­i­ties while at work? Sleeping, play­ing and greet­ing the store vis­i­tors “He’s with us all day. And Wally’s a bit of a ther­apy dog. He can lift some­body’s spir­its,” says Craft.

Tucked away be­hind the front desk of The Dart Gallery (127A Port­land Street) in Dart­mouth is an adorable grey-and-brown bunny named Hux­ley. His owner, gallery owner Jane MacDougald, first brought him into work be­cause an­other bunny he was in love with had passed away. MacDougald says Hux­ley is very social, charm­ing and cud­dly. When it’s ap­pro­pri­ate for him, he comes out and meets peo­ple. “Bunnies in love is the cutest thing you can imag­ine,” she says. “He was a lit­tle bit lonely and used to hav­ing com­pany.”


Zwicker’s Gallery’s sweet ba­bies, Min­gus and El­liot.

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