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Just say NO! to the city pay­ing for a sta­dium for a lo­cal Cana­dian Foot­ball League team (“Hal­i­fax tack­les fund­ing op­tions for $200-mil­lion CFL sta­dium,” Re­al­ity Bites story by Ja­cob Boon, posted Oc­to­ber 26 at the­coast.ca). It’s un­clear who will own the sta­dium and who will pay for the cost of build­ing it. It’s a sim­i­lar model to the one used to fi­nance the Hal­i­fax con­ven­tion cen­tre, whose of­fices and re­tail space are still va­cant, and the ho­tel is still un­fin­ished, plus the ridicu­lous un­der­es­ti­ma­tion of money needed to com­plete. Sounds fishy to me. It would be nice to have a CFL team here. But at what price? Have you been to a SMU Huskies game re­cently? Not ex­actly over­flow­ing with fans. Let’s see the Mar­itime Foot­ball League group cough up some real cash, real an­swers on costs and a real com­mit­ment to this city be­fore we even con­sider this ill-con­ceived pro­posal.

Doug Bar­ron, Hal­i­fax We need a new hospi­tal. We need a tran­sit sys­tem that’s not shit.

posted at the­coast.ca by Kak­era We need a city that is at­trac­tive for peo­ple to stay, who in turn will pay taxes to sup­port hos­pi­tals. The bot­tom­less pit for tran­sit and health care in­fra­struc­ture isn’t go­ing to make us pros­per­ous. Why don’t we stop the bus routes that no­body rides and re­di­rect the money to a sta­dium?

Why don’t we stop the $60 mil­lion ren­o­va­tion of the Fo­rum, crappy old venue that it is, and build some­thing new like a sta­dium? There are lots of ar­eas to stop the waste in Hal­i­fax. Let’s build a mul­ti­func­tion sta­dium and make Hal­i­fax an ex­cit­ing place to call home. —posted by

Greg50179723 Greg50179723, you know what’s at­trac­tive in a city? Emer­gency room wait times that aren’t five-plus hours long. Ac­cess to a fam­ily doc­tor. Hos­pi­tals that aren’t flood­ing or full of ver­min (or some­times both at the same time, ap­par­ently). Not hav­ing to waste two hours go­ing to work and back by bus. You think peo­ple will stay here be­cause we have a “world-class” sta­dium but none of the above? That’s fucked.

—posted by Kak­era Kak­era, easy on the ag­gres­sive hos­til­ity. The pro­vin­cial gov­ern­ment is putting money aside for a hospi­tal down­town. There is a plan and it is be­ing im­ple­mented. I ride the bus to work and back, and find it re­li­able and per­fectly fine. When did you wait five hours for an emer­gency hospi­tal visit? I can tell you if you need help in emer­gency, you get it right away if it is deemed a real emer­gency. Stop be­ing a hos­tile com­plainer. Com­plain com­plain com­plain. Move some­where else if you don’t like it here. —posted by Greg50179723

Well, Greg, I have ex­pe­ri­enced a more-thanfive-hour wait in the hospi­tal emer­gency room. Had a kid­ney stone. At one point I begged them to kill me be­cause the pain was ex­cru­ci­at­ing. But be­cause it was “only pain,” it was not deemed an emer­gency. Now, I couldn’t go to my fam­ily doc­tor be­cause she is booked two weeks ahead of time. The dropin clin­ics will not pre­scribe pain med­i­ca­tion. The only op­tion I had was to go to the emer­gency, and I had to wait.

Af­ter 12:30 at night in Hal­i­fax, there are no pub­lic tran­sit op­tions. Af­ter 12:30 at night in Mon­treal, there are pub­lic tran­sit op­tions.

These are long-stand­ing is­sues. We have asked. We have begged. We have screamed. And now we are get­ting a sta­dium? How are peo­ple go­ing to get home from the sta­dium af­ter a long game? Who is go­ing to care for the ath­letes who in­jure them­selves while play­ing in the sta­dium?

Kak­era is sim­ply—and right­fully—frus­trated. Per­haps your bus ride is not nearly as long as Kak’s. Ap­ples and oranges are both fruit, yet are equally as dif­fer­ent.

And you are right as well. We had a pe­riod of eco­nomic an­ni­hi­la­tion as a re­sult of for­mer mayor Peter Kelly and some of the still-re­main­ing city coun­cil mem­bers. We are now in a process of play­ing catch-up. I’m not call­ing Mike Sav­age a saviour, but un­der his lead­er­ship we are see­ing ac­tual progress.

Com­plain­ing is re­flec­tive of our past ex­pe­ri­ence and the frus­tra­tion that we Nova Sco­tians have felt for decades. Voic­ing an opin­ion con­trary to yours is not com­plain­ing. Pri­or­i­tiz­ing is a key el­e­ment in the plan­ning process here be­cause there is a fi­nite amount of money. Do we go to the bar or do we pay rent?

—posted by Agra Phol

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