Free Will As­trol­ogy

ROB BREZSNY says you might soon spawn a valu­able cre­ation, Aries.


Scor­pio (Oct 23-Nov 21) I am not cur­rently a wan­derer or voy­ager or en­tre­pre­neur or swash­buck­ler. But at other times in my life, I have had ex­ten­sive ex­pe­ri­ence with those roles. So I know se­crets about how and why to be a wan­derer and voy­ager and en­tre­pre­neur and swash­buck­ler. And it’s clear to me that you could ben­e­fit in un­fore­seen ways from re­search­ing and em­body­ing the roles of cu­ri­ous wan­derer and brave voy­ager and savvy en­tre­pre­neur and pru­dent swash­buck­ler. Ac­cord­ing to my anal­y­sis of up­com­ing cos­mic trends, these skills will be in high de­mand dur­ing the com­ing weeks.

Sagit­tar­ius (Nov 22-Dec 21) “The best thing one can do when it is rain­ing is let it rain.” That bril­liant for­mu­la­tion came from poet Henry Wadsworth Longfel­low. Does it seem so ob­vi­ous as to not need men­tion­ing? Bear with me while I draw fur­ther mean­ing from it, and sug­gest you use it as an in­spir­ing metaphor in the com­ing weeks. When it rains, Sagit­tar­ius, let it rain; don’t waste time and emo­tional en­ergy com­plain­ing about the rain. Don’t in­dulge in fruit­less fan­ta­siz­ing about how you might stop the rain and how you’d love to stop the rain. In fact, please re­frain from defin­ing the rain as a neg­a­tive event, be­cause af­ter all, it is per­fectly nat­u­ral, and is in fact cru­cial for mak­ing the crops grow and re­plen­ish­ing our water sup­ply. (PS: Your metaphor­i­cal “rain” will be equally use­ful.)

Capri­corn (Dec 22-Jan 19) “Ev­ery true love and friend­ship is a story of un­ex­pected trans­for­ma­tion,” writes ac­tivist and au­thor Elif Shafak. “If we are the same per­son be­fore and af­ter we loved, that means we haven’t loved enough.” I bring this to your at­ten­tion be­cause you’re in a phase when your close al­liances should be ac­ti­vat­ing heal­ing changes in your life. If for some rea­son your al­liances are not yet awash in the ex­cit­ing emo­tions of redemp­tion and rein­ven­tion, get started on in­sti­gat­ing ex­per­i­men­tal acts of in­ti­macy.

Aquar­ius (Jan 20-Feb 18) I sus­pect you will be an es­pe­cially arous­ing in­flu­ence in the com­ing weeks. You may also be in­spir­ing and dis­ori­ent­ing, with un­pre­dictable re­sults. How many trans­for­ma­tions will you un­leash? How many ex­pec­ta­tions will you dis­man­tle? How many cre­ative dis­rup­tions will you in­duce in the midst of the daily grind? I hes­i­tate to un­der­es­ti­mate the messy beauty you’ll stir up or the ram­bunc­tious gos­sip you’ll pro­voke. In any case, I plan to be richly amused by your ex­ploits, and I hope ev­ery­one else will be, as well. For best re­sults, I will pray to the God­dess of Pro­duc­tive Fun, beg­ging Her to en­sure that the com­mo­tions and up­roars you cat­alyze will be in ser­vice to love and kind­ness.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) Gonzo jour­nal­ist Hunter S. Thomp­son wasn’t al­ways a wild and crazy writer. Early in his ca­reer he made an ef­fort to com­pose re­spectable, mea­sured prose. When he fi­nally gave up on that project and de­cided he could “get away with” a more un­in­hib­ited style, he de­scribed it as be­ing “like fall­ing down an el­e­va­tor shaft and land­ing in a pool full of mer­maids.” I fore­see a me­taphor­i­cally com­pa­ra­ble de­vel­op­ment in your fu­ture, Pisces.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) In 1994, Aries pop diva Mariah Carey col­lab­o­rated with an as­so­ciate to write the song “All I Want For Christ­mas Is You.” It took them 15 min­utes to fin­ish. Since then it has gen­er­ated $60 mil­lion in roy­al­ties. I wish I could un­con­di­tion­ally pre­dict that you, too, will ef­fi­ciently spawn a valu­able cre­ation some­time soon. Cur­rent plan­e­tary align­ments do sug­gest such a de­vel­op­ment is more pos­si­ble than usual. But be­cause I tend to be con­ser­va­tive in my prophe­cies, I won’t guar­an­tee any­thing close to the $60-mil­lion fig­ure. In fact, your re­ward may be more spir­i­tual in na­ture than fi­nan­cial.

Tau­rus (Apr 20-May 20) An in­ter­ac­tive post at Red­ asked read­ers to write about “the most un­der­rated feel­ing of all time.” One per­son said, “When you change the sheets on your bed.” An­other ex­tolled “the feel­ing that comes when you pay all your bills and you’ve still got money in the bank.” Oth­ers said, “danc­ing un­der the rain,” “phys­i­cal con­tact like a pat on the back when you’re re­ally touch starved” and “lis­ten­ing to a song for the first time and it’s so good you just can’t stop smil­ing.” I bring this to your at­ten­tion, Tau­rus, be­cause I sus­pect that the next two weeks will bring you a flood of these plea­sur­able un­der­rated feel­ings.

Gem­ini (May 21-Jun 20) “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel with­out beer,” wrote Gem­ini au­thor Henry Law­son. Do you have any meth­ods for mak­ing your­self feel like you’ve drunk a few beers that don’t in­volve drink­ing a few beers? If not, I highly rec­om­mend that you find at least one. It will be es­pe­cially im­por­tant in the com­ing weeks for you to have a way to al­ter, ex­pand or pu­rify your con­scious­ness with­out re­ly­ing on lit­eral in­tox­i­cants or drugs. The goal: to leave your groove be­fore it de­volves into a rut.

Can­cer (Jun 21-Jul 22) Study the fol­low­ing five failed pre­dic­tions: 1) “There is no like­li­hood man can ever tap the power of the atom.” —Robert Mil­i­ham, No­bel Lau­re­ate in Physics, 1923. 2) “This ‘tele­phone’ has too many short­com­ings to be se­ri­ously con­sid­ered as a means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The de­vice is in­her­ently of no value to us.” —West­ern Union in­ter­nal memo, 1876. 3) “Rail travel at high speeds is not pos­si­ble be­cause pas­sen­gers, un­able to breathe, would die of as­phyxia.” –Diony­sius Lard­ner, sci­en­tist, 1830. 4) “There is no rea­son any­one would want a com­puter in their home.” —Ken Ol­son, pres­i­dent of Dig­i­tal Equip­ment Cor­po­ra­tion, 1977. 5) “Most Cance­ri­ans will never over­come their ten­den­cies to­ward hy­per­sen­si­tiv­ity, pro­cras­ti­na­tion and fear of suc­cess.” —Lanira Kentsler, astrologer, 2018. (PS: What you do in the next 12 months could go a long way to­ward per­ma­nently re­fut­ing the last prediction.)

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Ger­man sci­en­tists have cre­ated cochlear im­plants for ger­bils that have been ge­net­i­cally mod­i­fied, en­abling the crea­tures to “lis­ten” to light. The re­searchers’ work is ul­ti­mately ded­i­cated to find­ing ways to im­prove the lives of peo­ple with hear­ing im­pair­ments. What might be the equiv­a­lent of you gain­ing the power to “hear light”? I un­der­stand you might re­sist think­ing this way. “That makes no sense,” you may protest, or “There’s no prac­ti­cal value in fan­ta­siz­ing about such an im­pos­si­bil­ity.” But I hope you’ll make the ef­fort any­way. In my view, stretch­ing your imag­i­na­tion past its lim­its is the heal­ing you need most right now. I also think do­ing so will turn out to be un­ex­pect­edly prac­ti­cal.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) Here’s use­ful wis­dom from the poet Rumi: “Our de­fects are the ways that glory gets man­i­fested,” he said. “Keep look­ing at the ban­daged place. That’s where the light en­ters you.” Play­wright Har­ri­son David Rivers in­ter­prets Rumi’s words to mean, “Don’t look away from your pain, don’t dis­en­gage from it, be­cause that pain is the source of your power.” These per­spec­tives are just what you need to med­i­tate on, Virgo. To pro­mote even more heal­ing in you I’ll add a fur­ther clue from poet Anna Kamien­ska: “Where your pain is, there your heart lies also.” (PS: Rumi is trans­lated by Cole­man Barks; Kamien­ska by Clare Ca­vanagh.)

Li­bra (Sep 23-Oct 22) Artist David Hock­ney is proud of how un­de­mand­ing he is to­ward his friends and as­so­ci­ates. “Peo­ple tell me they open my emails first,” he says, “be­cause they aren’t de­mands and you don’t need to re­ply. They’re sim­ply for plea­sure.” He also en­joys giv­ing reg­u­lar small gifts. “I draw flow­ers ev­ery day and send them to my friends so they get fresh blooms.” Hock­ney seems to share the per­spec­tive ex­pressed by au­thor Gail God­win, who writes, “How easy it was to make peo­ple happy, when you didn’t want or need any­thing from them.” In ac­cor­dance with astro­log­i­cal omens, Li­bra, I sug­gest you have fun em­ploy­ing these ap­proaches in the com­ing weeks.

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