Dr. Gren­fell as I knew him

His aim has been to make peo­ple self re­spect­ing and to give young peo­ple a chance to suc­ceed in life.



Dur­ing the years that Sir Wil­fred worked on the Labrador, he was the means of restor­ing much of the lost re­spect that the for­mer livey­ers had given to their off­spring. He has been the means of sav­ing thou­sands of lives from ter­ri­ble deaths, and has kept to­gether count­less homes, not only by sav­ing the life of the bread­win­ner and the moth­ers, but by giv­ing them a chance to earn some money and make them keep their self re­spect.

He has, in a way, been to the New­found­land and the Labrador peo­ple a sort of Coast Guard; as the Coast Guard in this coun­try [United States] saves life and prop­erty, so Gren­fell has done a sim­i­lar work to hu­man­ity and the prop­erty there. Above all, he has made the peo­ple of Labrador self sup­port­ing.The blind he has made to see and the lame to walk, whereas the blind, be­fore his ad­vent there, lost all hope as soon as their sight was gone.

Through the gen­eros­ity of friends in the United States, the blind had been per­mit­ted to come to the schools here and learn how to be use­ful, not only to them­selves, but to their broth­ers and sis­ters in Labrador.

His aim has been to make peo­ple self re­spect­ing and to give young peo­ple a chance to suc­ceed in life. Many of the boys have a slant for ma­sonry, road build­ing, bridge build­ing or any of the dif- fer­ent trades. They have been al­lowed to come to the Polytech­nic Schools and re­ceive a good train­ing, so that the hos­pi­tals, stores, houses, gar­dens, farm­lands, float­ing dry-docks, boat-and ship-build­ing — those same peo­ple have been able to go up there, do a grand piece of work and get a great uplift.

In the cause of hu­man­ity to uplift and re­store, I do not sup­pose there has been so de­voted a man as was Dr. Gren­fell. He fol­lowed very much in the foot­steps of Christ.

The end.

Bur­ton K. Janes lives in Bay Roberts and can be reached by email at bur­tonj@nfld.net


ALL ABOARD — Dr. Gren­fell and his dog aboard the

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