Time to wake up to re­al­ity of abuse

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Dear ed­i­tor,

Never mind “roll up the rim.” How about a pa­per cup re­fund? Think about it as a green ven­ture.

I went for a Sun­day af­ter­noon walk in Bears Cove, Har­bour Grace East and picked up at least 10 roll up the rim emp­ties. Ob­vi­ously there were no win­ners, but they didn’t mind lit­ter­ing our lovely land­scape.

May I sug­gest a two-cent a cup re­fund. I hear we are soon go­ing to re­cy­cle card­board, so there’s your dis­posal method as well. Th­ese cups are all over the place.

On a more se­ri­ous note, I also picked up a dozen and a half beer bot­tles, and nine used nee­dles.

I can’t help but feel there are a lot of young peo­ple out there who are in des­per­ate need of help. They are seek­ing it in sub­stances that will even­tu­ally de­stroy them.

What are we all pre­pared to do about this?

As Chris­tians, ac­cord­ing to the scrip­tures we are in­structed to be aware of our neigh­bor’s needs; to love them as our­selves. Our neigh­bours be­ing all who are in need in what­ever ca­pac­ity they feel that need.

Please let us be more aware of our great com­mis­sion to go out into the high­ways and by­ways to help those in need, spir­i­tu­ally and phys­i­cally.

I said young peo­ple ear­lier in this let­ter be­cause that’s who I see go­ing to this area in their cars. But that does not ex­clude other age groups who also have sub­stance abuse.

Nine used nee­dles in a small area and beer bot­tles by the dozen. We have to wake up to what is go­ing on around us. This is re­al­ity, folks. Pray!

I had to bring the nee­dles to the RCMP, who then took them to the hospi­tal for proper dis­posal, mak­ing them all aware of this very vis­i­ble prob­lem here.

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