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What do you hope to ac­com­plish as pres­i­dent of the Young Lib­er­als?

To get more peo­ple ed­u­cated about the po­lit­i­cal process and at a younger age, and to make sure youth are able to prop­erly hold their gov­ern­ment ac­count­able.You know, they should be able to think for them­selves about pol­i­tics. Like, the Young Lib­er­als re­cently passed poli­cies call­ing for high school civic ed­u­ca­tion, and to make sure that be­fore peo­ple go to post-secondary in­sti­tu­tions they are well pre­pared for the tran­si­tion into adult­hood. So re­ally, I want, above all, to let young peo­ple know that if they join the Young Lib­er­als they can make a real dif­fer­ence in the way their com­mu­ni­ties work.

What was your most em­bar­rass­ing mo­ment?

I’ve got two, and both of them hap­pened in class at MUN. Once I was sit­ting in my Ger­man class when all of a sud­den my pro­fes­sor asked me to open up my book - when I did like a dozen beer caps fell out. I was mor­ti­fied at the time, but looking back I guess it was pretty funny.

Then an­other time, I was leav­ing class with my back­pack full of toi­let pa­per (tak­ing toi­let pa­per from MUN was cheaper than buy­ing it) but as I got up to leave ap­par­ently my back­pack wasn’t all zipped up and all th­ese rolls of toi­let pa­per fell out and went ev­ery­where. Good times!

What is your most mem­o­rable mo­ment?

When I got my first car.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

I would have to say Ja­son Alexan­der. He played the char­ac­ter Ge­orge in the show Se­in­feld.

What are your best and worst qual­i­ties?

My best qual­ity would have to be know­ing how to have a good time. My worst qual­ity is my sense of di­rec­tion.

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