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Dear Ed­i­tor:

I have to give our MP Scott Simms a big hand­shake for stand­ing up for New­found­lan­ders. When you are on the out­side of the fence and looking in it re­ally makes you won­der what the fed­eral gov­ern­ment is do­ing to New­found­lan­ders and the rest of Canada? Are they plan­ning to close Canada down com­pletely?

There doesn’t seem to be many op­tions left for Cana­di­ans when it comes to har­vest­ing, pro­cess­ing and sell­ing our own prod­ucts. Let’s get back to the ba­sics and com­mon sense of giv­ing Cana­di­ans their fish­ery and farm­ing back, and the jobs we have been de­prived of through send­ing our prod­ucts to other coun­tries to be pro­cessed.

Is this re­ally free trade, giv­ing our jobs away and play­ing with our liveli­hoods? This is not free trade. It only closes the loop­holes of pay­ing taxes on goods shipped across our bor­ders.

Our own peo­ple are liv­ing from one day to the other wor­ried about where their next dol­lar is com­ing from to feed their fam­i­lies. The peo­ple in other coun­tries go to work ev­ery day pro­cess­ing our food prod­ucts. That is what you call for­eign coun­tries liv­ing off jobs that are taken away from Cana­di­ans. There are many New­found­lan­ders who don’t go to work ev­ery day. Their jobs have been given away by our own coun­try just to be friendly with other coun­tries for cheaper labour while New­found­lan­ders draw un­em­ploy­ment and wel­fare.

We need to im­port prod­ucts from other coun­tries that are not grown here. That is un­der­stand­able. We do not need to send our fish and farm prod­ucts out of the coun- try to be pro­cessed and then sold back to us on our own shelves as a Cana­dian prod­uct pack­aged or tinned in China or Por­tu­gal. This does not make sense.

Please use com­mon sense by putting our peo­ple back into the jobs that were taken away from them. Let our peo­ple live the life they were al­ways used to and feel­ing proud of be­ing able to work and feed their fam­i­lies. Give peo­ple back their pride and dig­nity, be­ing able to live in a coun­try that their an­ces­tors built and is now be­ing taken away.

We re­ally need more politi­cians like Mr. Simms who has some in­sight into what is hap­pen­ing to this coun­try that is presently in a real mess. Frank M. Black­wood Rich­mond Hill, Ont

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