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Some “ridicu­lous” reg­u­la­tions need to change ac­cord­ing to one let­ter writer.

Dear Ed­tior, Ev­ery now and again, some­thing bugs me enough that I have to let oth­ers know. This is an­other one that re­quires pub­lic at­ten­tion.

Satur­day, Dec. 19 was a bad night to be out on the roads. Se­vere weather warn­ings had been is­sued by En­vi­ron­ment Canada, and freez­ing rain, left a sheet of ice on ev­ery­thing.

You can only imag­ine what it was like go­ing across the Heart’s Con­tent bar­rens.

My mom, who lives in a se­niors’ home in Win­ter­ton was taken to the Carbonear Hospi­tal late in the af­ter­noon by an am­bu­lance. Her su­gar was very low. They sta­bi­lized her and told me I need not wait; they would send her back to the home. I told them to send her back by am­bu­lance, be­cause the roads were re­ally bad and I was wait­ing for a part for my back breaks, and I could not drive far. They said they would take care of it. I left to go get my son from hockey.

I re­ceived a call a short time later from the man­ager of the se­niors’ home. She said the hospi­tal had called her and said they could not or­der an am­bu­lance for some­one who can walk. They could not put her in a taxi be­cause she has Alzheimer’s. They also re­fused to keep her overnight. They said it would cost around $400. They told the man­ager that if she did not come to get her, they would write in the file that the home re­fused to get her. I’m not sure what they planned to do if the man­ager didn’t come to get her, let her walk out the door? I could not take her overnight; she needs four in­sulin in­jec­tions a day. I had no sup­plies and I am not trained to give nee­dles.

The se­niors’ home man­ager had to call around to get some­one to drive her across the bar­rens late at nigh in the freez­ing rain, be­cause she was too scared to drive her­self.

Not only did the hospi­tal put my mom’s life in dan­ger, but also they put the man­ager’s life in dan­ger along with the driver of the car.

This reg­u­la­tion, rule or what­ever it is, is ab­so­lutely ridicu­lous and needs to be cor­rected, con­sid­er­ing our win­ter weather, es­pe­cially when it in­volves hav­ing to travel across the Heart’s Con­tent bar­rens. Vic­to­ria Har­num


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