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"I've been told that if some­thing makes sense (to gov­ern­ment) you can for­get it!" Read what this frus­trated moose hunter has to say about cut­ting the bull out of the moose hunt­ing reg­u­la­tions in his let­ter to the ed­i­tor.

For some hun­ters the past moose­hunt­ing sea­son meant an­other great moose in their deep freeze, lots of pic­tures and some great yarns to spin about the ad­ven­ture in the great out­doors.

But for oth­ers it may not have been as much fun. For them it was great ex­er­cise, lots of sto­ries to tell, plenty of money spent, but not much more to show for miles and days of trekking through the woods, hunt­ing for some­thing that wasn’t there in the first place. Yes we do have a lot of moose on the is­land of New­found­land. But can some­one tell me how many bull moose are killed on our high­ways com­pared with fe­male moose?

Most hun­ters whom I’ve spo­ken with would say they would kill a big bull rather then a cow if the choice was theirs to make.

It’s time to do away with a bull only li­cence, a calf only li­cence and a li­cence

I’ve been told that if some­thing makes sense, you can for­get it.

for this side of the road or that side of the road, or one spe­cific area or the other and get real.

Moose don’t know bound­aries and couldn’t care less. Let’s give hun­ters a fair chance of fill­ing their li­cence and re­duc­ing our moose pop­u­la­tion by do­ing away with a lot of bull in the sys­tem in­stead of the woods. A 50 per cent suc­cess rate was recorded last year in some ar­eas. I know sev­eral hun­ters with bull only li­cences that have given up with no kill be­ing made.

I travel our prov­ince’s high­ways a lot and can’t re­mem­ber see­ing a bull moose in­volved in an ac­ci­dent. I know there must have been, but far more of the an­i­mals in­volved in road ac­ci­dents are cows. Yet here we are with male only li­censed hun­ters, who can’t find a bull, and know­ing they have seen nu­mer­ous fe­male an­i­mals.

Yes they have a choice, but af­ter wait­ing for three or four years, peo­ple don’t want to for­get what a moose looks like and they would take any­thing just to get in the coun­try to hunt.

When the hunt­ing sea­son is all over, we hear about more ac­ci­dents on our high­ways caused by an­i­mals that th­ese hun­ters could have in their deep freez­ers.

Th­ese are my thoughts on our moose hunt.

I’ve been told that if some­thing makes sense, you can for­get it.

I’d like to hear what other hun­ters think of this hunt.

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