Her­itage So­ci­ety logo care­fully cho­sen, says pres­i­dent


The Green’s Har­bour Her­itage So­ci­ety’s new logo was care­fully cre­ated, says Nancy Brace, pres­i­dent of the so­ci­ety, which each de­sign el­e­ment hav­ing at least one mean­ing.

The out­side of the logo is an or­ange cir­cle. “ The rea­son we chose that is the start­ing point for our so­ci­ety, with the Orange­man’s Lodge. And tra­di­tion­ally our whole shore is Protes­tant,” said Brace.

In­side the or­ange cir­cle are three over­lap­ping green cir­cles, which Brace said could rep­re­sent the com­mu­nity’s three found­ing de­nom­i­na­tions — Sal­va­tion Army, United ( for­merly Methodist) and Angli­can. They can also rep­re­sent the past, present and fu­ture, as well as the trin­ity of Trin­ity Bay. Green was cho­sen as a nod to the name of Green’s Har­bour.

“ So the ac­tual green cir­cles could be our ad­dress: Green’s Har­bour, Trin­ity Bay,” said Brace.

The so­ci­ety’s ini­tials are set in the cen­tre, where the three cir­cles over­lap. “ So where the past, the present and the fu­ture over­lap is where our so­ci­ety sits,” said Brace.

Scales have been added in over­lap­ping por­tions to sig­nify fish. “ Those three fish rep­re­sent the rea­son we all ended up be­ing here.”

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Each of the de­sign el­e­ments in the Green’s Har­bour Her­itage So­ci­ety’s new logo was care­fully cho­sen, says so­ci­ety pres­i­dent Nancy Brace.

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