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Clean-up un­der­way in Har­bour Grace


Is the cam­paign to clean up Har­bour Grace work­ing? Things are im­prov­ing, one car wreck at a time. But the founder of the group: “Speak loud and let your voice be heard in Har­bour Grace con­cedes, “things were get­ting out of con­tol.”

There should be a lot less wrecks and scrap metal lit­ter­ing Har­bour Grace in the near fu­ture af­ter Newco Metal and Auto Re­cy­cling are fin­ished their work.

The planned metal clean up was one of many items cov­ered at a March 29, reg­u­lar town coun­cil meet­ing.

“ We’ve been speak­ing with the com­pany and in the next few weeks they’ll be com­ing back to take any met­als and wrecks that res­i­dents want to get rid of,” said Coun. David Mur­phy, chair­man of the town’s En­vi­ron­ment and San­i­ta­tion Com­mit­tee.

“ They’ve al­ready been here once and taken away some scrap metal, but plan to re­turn again. This time we hope to see up to 20 car wrecks re­moved.”

Ac­cord­ing to Paul Ab­bott of Newco Metal and Auto Re­cy­cling, as soon as coun­cil gives the green light, the com­pany will re­turn.

“ We’re ready when they are,” he said. “ We’ve al­ready been out there once and have been talk­ing with coun­cil and they want us to go back again. When we re­turn we’ll put a large con­tainer in place, so the pub­lic can drop off their met­als.”

All metal prod­ucts will be ac­cepted in­clud­ing wa­ter boil­ers, wash­ers, dry­ers, fridges and some car parts.

Newco Metal and Auto Re­cy­cling has been col­lect­ing scrap metal for the past 25 years. In the past most of their ma­te­ri­als came from lo­cal dump­sites, how­ever af­ter the pro­vin­cial gov­ern­ment closed many of the dumps down and started ship­ping most of the garbage to Robin Hood Bay the St. John’s based com­pany had to look at other ways of col­lect­ing metal ma­te­ri­als.

“ We had to change how we worked, but we also wanted to con­tinue to give the pub­lic a way of get­ting rid of their metal ma­te­ri­als,” said Ab­bott. “And peo­ple are start­ing to get used to this idea now. They’re start­ing to look for us to come into their towns, at cer­tain times in the year, to pick up the met­als.”

Wreck or not?

Dur­ing last week’s coun­cil meet­ing Mayor Don Coombs stressed the im­por­tance of in­form­ing res­i­dents of when Newco Metal and Auto re­cy­cling would be in town again.

“ We need to no­tify res­i­dents well be­fore­hand so they can con­tact us (coun­cil) if they have an old car they want to get rid of,” said Coombs adding that Newco is ex­pected to re­turn around the sec­ond week of April.

In the mean­time de­ter­min­ing what clas­si­fies a ve­hi­cle as a wreck has be­come a chal­lenge for mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties all across the prov­ince.

“Ac­cord­ing to the reg­u­la­tions a ve­hi­cle could be aban­doned and parked on some­one’s prop­erty for years, but if all the win­dows are still in­tact and the tires are still on it, then it isn’t a wreck and we can’t go on the prop­erty and re­move it,” said Coombs.

“ This is an is­sue that has plagued our town and all other towns across the prov­ince for years,” he pointed out. “In fact the is­sue of try­ing to fig­ure whether a ve­hi­cle is a wreck or not has been de­bated dur­ing the Mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties New­found­land and Labrador AGM on more than one oc­ca­sion. We’ve been dis­cussing it and try­ing to get gov­ern­ment to de­fine what qual­i­fies as a wreck, but noth­ing has been re­solved. A ve­hi­cle may ap­pear to be a wreck, but un­less we have the owner’s per­mis­sion to re­move it, legally we can’t touch it.”

The re­moval of all the dis­carded scrape and metal won’t cost the town a cent.

“ We won’t have to pay any­thing for the ser­vice; in fact we end up mak­ing a few dol­lars out of it,” said Coombs.

PLAN­NING - Mem­bers of the Har­bour Grace town coun­cil have asked Newco Metal and Auto Re­cy­cling to re­move dis­carded met­als and ve­hi­cle wrecks from their town.

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