All we wanted was a clean town

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Dear ed­i­tor,

To the mem­bers of Face­book: Speak out loud and let your voice be heard Har­bour Grace, and res­i­dents of Har­bour Grace, I feel I have to apol­o­gize.

I was a mem­ber of a group that wanted noth­ing more then to bring Har­bour Grace back to it’s once beau­ti­ful clean town that we all love and were very proud of.

The page was started with neg­a­tive pic­tures of the town to open peo­ple’s eyes to the garbage and ne­glect; to get peo­ple mo­ti­vated to clean up the town, and it did do that. I have seen it. But I have also seen too much of the ugly and nasty in peo­ple, and that is not what this page was about. All we want is a ba­sic clean up. Things have been taken out of con­text; lies have been spread, and I truly do not want to be part of that.

There were over 300 mem­bers and 90per cent were in sup­port and will­ing to help, and then there were oth­ers.

It’s my face that peo­ple see in the pa­pers and at coun­cil meet­ings and it’s me that they as­so­ciate the site with. I’m not re­spon­si­ble for what other peo­ple write or their opin­ions. And every­one was al­lowed to give them. Some did start heated dis­cus­sions, but when you start to trash peo­ple’s fam­i­lies on the wall and in pri­vate emails, it’s gone way too far.

I only wanted a clean town, and no one could get along, long enough to get on the right track.

So all that be­ing said, it is still a pub­lic fo­rum where peo­ple did voice their con­cerns and is­sues about coun­cil and ideas they wanted to present.

I will not give up try­ing to get things mov­ing in a bet­ter di­rec­tion, but I will not be voic­ing my con­cerns on line.

I know that 90 per cent of this town want change; the other 10 per cent did not.

Thanks to all the peo­ple that sup­ported my ef­forts, and the ef­forts of the group. Pauline Yet­man Har­bour Grace

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