Waste prob­lem stud­ied to death

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Dear ed­i­tor,

Well here we go again! More stud­ies, more money!

I for one am tired of list­ing to this ex­treme study when it comes to our garbage. We all have garbage when we through it out if there’s a pop can, some­one can take it and make a few cents. That’s about all that’s go­ing into house­hold garbage that can be turned into a profit. And this has al­ready been taken out by the house­hold­ers.

When all of this was looked at years ago un­der the Greater Avalon Waste Man­age­ment Com­mit­tee, ev­ery­thing was left in the garbage to be sorted at one plant. If a profit was to be made it would go to off­set the cost to the tax­pay­ers. But now any­thing any good to turn a profit is gone.

I’ve been say­ing for years we need a place to put construction ma­te­ri­als, shin­gle etc. What do we do right now with a few dead tree branches? There’s no place to take them. They don’t have to go to Robin Hood Bay. Yes we need to put our haz­ardous waste where it be­longs and deal with our waste prop­erly. What we need most is a com­mon sense ap­proach to this prob­lem, and the first thing to do is hold a pub­lic elec­tion and put peo­ple on this com­mit­tee who will be com­mit­ted to those that elected them.

This has been stud­ied to death. It’s time to get this done and over with. We have an ideal place for a trans­fer sta­tion in Har­bour Grace, on the site of the old CBN Incin­er­a­tor. We don’t need to spend tax­pay­ers’ money to find out how to take truck­load of garbage to Robin Hood Bay. If they want a model go to Nova Sco­tia or New Brunswick and find one. We don’t have to in­vent the wheel all over again. Or is there an­other rea­son this is gone off track?

Frank Evely Clarke’s Beach

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