Drunk driv­ing with an oil rig

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Dear edi­tor,

A few years ago, long be­fore oil was dis­cov­ered off our shore, New­found­land and Labrador adopted a law that made drink­ing and driv­ing an of­fence.

It changed the habits of many, keep­ing most off the roads when they had a few too many. How­ever, there are still a few who over in­dulge and get be­hind the wheel, tak­ing a chance on get­ting home with­out hav­ing an ac­ci­dent.

Those few may get home ev­ery time, the odd one will have a fender ben­der with­out dam­ag­ing any­thing but their own car, and some will dam­age some­one else’s prop­erty but leave be­fore they are caught.

One may take the life of your child, spouse, rel­a­tive, or friend.

Oil com­pa­nies are drunk on prof­its, un­fit to steer their cor­po­ra­tions through our neigh­bour­hood, and so in­tox­i­cated with keep­ing the price of oil down in or­der to pre­vent cleaner en­ergy from tak­ing over, that they cut cor­ners, dodge reg­u­la­tions, and pay only a small por­tion of the costs if they cause dam­age.

Big oil likes to have a drink­ing buddy. They have found one in the Govern­ment of New­found­land and Labrador.

Tonight, a life may be lost to a drunk driver. To­mor­row, the en­vi­ron­ment, tourism, and the fish­eries may be lost to a drunken part­ner­ship. Will you take the keys from them? Robin Brent­nall


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