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Dear edi­tor,

Be­ing the first day of the new school year, I felt com­pelled to voice my opin­ion on the un­fair­ness of the ar­ti­cle Not So Neigh­bourly, which ap­peared in the Aug. 10 edi­tion of The Com­pass. I do not know if you, as edi­tor, pur­posely printed some mis­con­cep­tions, or you were only print­ing what was quoted to you.

We ap­pre­ci­ated your pol­icy of in­form­ing peo­ple that are men­tioned in any ar­ti­cle, giv­ing them the chance to share their side, but af­ter your con­ver­sa­tion with my hus­band, Rex Vaters, the ar­ti­cle was still mis­lead­ing.

To say that “ both sides were openly trad­ing in­sults and ac­cu­sa­tions” is un­true. Rex told you that there was no dis­cus­sion about the bus be­ing there un­til Randy showed up bang­ing on our door, de­mand­ing Rex move the bus back to the de­pot. You also said that dis­cus­sions have “ been heated at times.” There wasn’t even a “ heated ar­gu­ment“ on that day.

He went home and con­tin­ued ig­nor­ing us. There was ab­so­lutely NO con­ver­sa­tion be­tween us. We didn’t even dis­cuss any of this with any­one, let alone ar­gue with them. The only things ever said about the Pike’s was in de­fence when you called. You also mis­quoted Rex when you wrote that he said the Pike’s were com­plain­ers. Rex told you that Mr. Pike was a com­plainer; he didn’t say any­thing about Mrs. Pike be­ing a com­plainer.

You also men­tioned in your ar­ti­cle that Rex has lit­tle sym­pa­thy. On the ba­sis of what was told to you over the phone, I was dis­ap­pointed that your ar­ti­cle still made Rex look like an un­car­ing SOB. Based on your con­ver­sa­tion with Rex, maybe it should have oc­curred to you that maybe his sym­pa­thy had slowly eroded.

Just for the record, up to that point, we were good friends with the Pike’s; we shared meals, went for cof­fee, etc, and we viewed his com­plain­ing as just “ Randy grum­bling again.” As Rex has told you, we were blind­sided by all this. Rex also told you that Daphne Pike vol­un­teered that they couldn’t even hear the bus in the morn­ing. We aren’t sure when she had a change of heart.

Per­haps you were only print­ing what was quoted to you. I wouldn’t want to be­lieve that it was writ­ten that way be­cause that is what read­ers want to hear — juicy stuff, like we were here on Park Av­enue feud­ing like the Hat­field’s and the McCoy’s. It is so un­fair to make in­no­cent peo­ple look so bad.

Just for the record, Rex has since asked Randy for a time to set up an air qual­ity test in his home and he has re­fused. It was plas­tered all over the front page of The Com­pass how they are so concerned for their health, so wouldn’t you think he would be anx­ious to have that done? If the Pikes’ house was fill­ing up with ex­haust, and their health was at risk, Rex IS NOT the type of guy that would do that, and he isn’t the un­sym­pa­thetic jerk that your ar­ti­cle and your “edi­tor’s com­ments” made him look.

In clos­ing, may I sug­gest next time you write an ar­ti­cle you don’t take sides. Deb­bie Vaters


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