Coun­cil’s han­dling of road is­sue con­demned

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Dear edi­tor,

I have been watch­ing with in­ter­est the de­bate be­tween the Town of Car­bon­ear and De­bra and Wal­ter Brad­bury over their land and the ac­cess road, com­monly known as name­less road.

This sum­mer I hap­pened to drive through Car­bon­ear and had a look at the land and road my­self. I un­der­stand that the only ac­cess to their land is by the road in ques­tion. The road, which is the con­tin­u­a­tion of Bunker Hill Road, pre­vents Bunker Hill Road and English Hill road from be­ing dead-end roads. The road is also shown on ev­ery map of Car­bon­ear that I could find. The of­fi­cial state­ment from the Town of Car­bon­ear is: “ The road is a non­road.”

The Car­bon­ear Town Coun­cil will not give the Brad­bury’s per­mis­sion to build on their prop­erty be­cause ac­cord­ing to them there is no road ac­cess to the prop­erty.

The road in ques­tion has been used by the res­i­dents and main­tained by the town for decades, and yet the town con­sid­ers it a “non­road”. This to me seems too fool­ish for words. I can­not be­lieve that a town coun­cil cou­uld have such a back­wards way of think­ing.

Coun. Gla­dys Mercer seems to be the per­son who is driv­ing a wedge into this is­sue. She seems to be the only councillor who is adamant in not giv­ing the Brad­bury’s a per­mit to build.

And it bog­gles me as to why the prov­ince of New­found­land and Labrador has been com­pletely silent and has not in­ter­vened to re­solve the is­sue.

The Brad­bury’s must, by this time, be be­guiled and be­wil­dered. It is shame­ful that our great prov­ince and the beau­ti­ful Town of Car­bon­ear causes such grief for peo­ple who want to come here and live, re­tire, pay taxes, and con­trib­ute to progress.

To me, it seems like some peo­ple just don’t like progress. What kind of im­pres­sion is this giv­ing to peo­ple who come from away to visit or to set­tle? Why not show these peo­ple that we are a think­ing for­ward? Town of Car­bon­ear, it is time to move out of the “ mer­chant men­tal­ity” dark ages and think 21st cen­tury.

Janet John­son St. Jones Within

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