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Dear edi­tor,

The long gun registry is in the news again and the sad part about it, it’s all about pol­i­tics. I have al­ways been against the long gun registry and ac­cord­ing to Randy Simms’ ar­ti­cle in The Tele­gram on Sept 4, I could be one of the mis­guided ones. I will at­tempt in this let­ter to ex­plain why it should be abol­ished and you read­ers can judge if I am mis­guided.

I grew up in a time when the long gun was a use­ful tool in our sur­vival to ob­tain food for the ta­ble, such as seal, moose, cari­bou, all kinds of sea birds and yes, I did eat gull, in fact if you could get a young one it was a del­i­cacy. I owned my first gun — a sin­gle shot .22 — when I was about 10 years old.

To­day, many years later, I still use my guns to put meat on the ta­ble — seal, rab­bits, ducks, grouse and an odd goose and turr (no longer al­lowed to kill gulls), and many peo­ple in NL use them to kill moose and cari­bou.

• Rea­son No. 1 — the ex­ur­bant cost of this pro­gram. I see no proof that it has made this coun­try any safer. In fact, a po­lice re­port said most of the deaths by long guns are caused by sui­cide. Ac­cord­ing to Randy’s ar­ti­cle the registry has helped po­lice re­duce the num­ber of sui­cides. Wwhat a joke. If peo­ple want to com­mit sui­cide, they will find a way with­out us­ing a long gun. Most of the sui­cides I know about are caused by other means, as to fam­ily dis­putes that end up in shoot­ings.

An­other thing that peo­ple are for­get­ting is that all long guns sold in the last 20years, long be­fore this registry ex­isted, had to be reg­is­tered. In fact, you could not buy one with­out a cer­tifi­cate from the RCMP.

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