De­valu­ing prop­erty is not my in­ten­tion

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Dear edi­tor,

I felt it was my obli­ga­tion to re­spond to the ar­ti­cle in the Sept. 8 is­sue of The Com­pass, en­ti­tled “ Up in arms: Car­bon­ear res­i­dents pe­ti­tion coun­cil to have va­cant lot cleaned up.”

I was 100 miles off Hope­dale, Labrador when I re­ceived an e-mail with an at­tach­ment that took me an hour to read, and I was some­what sur­prised to see the level of sup­port from home­own­ers in the area.

Well, I don’t blame any­one for not want­ing to look out from their pa­tio deck and see fish­ing gear. I’m sick of look­ing at it too af­ter 40-50 years, but some of us don’t have the lux­ury of re­tire­ment with a pen­sion, so we have to try to keep go­ing.

To let all home­own­ers of the area know where I stand on this, it’s plain and sim­ple, there’s no dif­fer­ence now than it was this spring. I ob­tained a per­mit to pre­pare the land for fu­ture devel­op­ment and in May of this year I started to do just that. With the in­shore fish­ery and the off­shore fish­ery that I’m in­volved in tak­ing up all of my time, I had to tempo r a r i l y break off from it. be­cause they were the ones that brought this in with­out much thought as to the cost and ben­e­fits and now want to keep it at all cost, just be­cause it was their pro­gram and is go­ing as far as to make their MP’s vote to keep it. In this prov­ince, we have six Lib­er­als that were given a job by the vot­ers of this prov­ince and not by their leader. Three had said they were go­ing to vote to do away with the long gun registry be­cause that is what their con­stituents wanted. Now I un­der­stand they are go­ing to re­verse their de­ci­sion just be­cause their leader said so. Just re­mem­ber your leader can­not get you elected.

Why can’t we get hon­ourable mem­bers to send to Ot­tawa who will do the wishes of the peo­ple that elect them? Where are the John Crosby’s and the Don Jame­son’s? They were MPs with guts. It’s time to get rid of this use­less and ex­pen­sive long gun registry and put the money into get­ting dan­ger­ous crim­i­nals off our streets.

Guns do not kill peo­ple, the same as cars do not kill peo­ple. Peo­ple kill peo­ple.

(Re­tired) Capt Wil­fred Bartlett,

Brighton But I just got home af­ter two months on the wa­ter. So I will be con­tin­u­ing to re­move the trees and other ma­te­rial de­bris from the prop­erty. I will also be mak­ing ap­pli­ca­tion to the town coun­cil for a build­ing per­mit to con­struct a dwelling with a de­tached stor­age shed, so that my fish­ing gear can be stored out of sight and pro­tected.

Leav­ing my fish­ing gear on the govern­ment wharf is not an op­tion. It is too costly to have unat­tended and un­pro­tected, and I never heard of any­one be­ing able to ob­tain in­surance for fish­ing gear.

I of­fered to build a stor­age shed and a pri­vacy fence to ad­dress the prob­lem of hav­ing it out in plain view, but was turned down on both by the coun­cil.

In clos­ing, I can tell the peo­ple in the (Hoyles Road) area that I have no in­ten­tion in de­valu­ing any­one’s prop­erty. It will not hap­pen. But I just need a lit­tle time. And if any­one thinks I’m fight­ing this is­sue, I’m not. I’m sim­ply try­ing to fit in here in a way that’s ac­cept­able to all.

In three or four years time, if I’m still around, I won’t have any need for this fish­ing gear. And if I’m not around, well I still won’t have any need for it. Jim For­ward,


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