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Dear edi­tor,

As pas­tor of Cal­vary Pen­te­costal Church in Car­bon­ear, I have strug­gled with whether or not I should re­spond to a re­cent let­ter by Mr. Den­nis Gal­way. Af­ter much con­sid­er­a­tion, I have cho­sen not to be silent. If I stay silent the evo­lu­tion­ist and other anti-Chris­tian thought or be­lief sys­tems would be happy; but silent I can­not be! The truth must be told and be told with bold­ness.

To en­ter into a de­bate on the is­sues of cre­ation ver­sus evo­lu­tion is un­nec­es­sary. (For this I di­rect you to­swersin­geni­

It is not sci­ence against sci­ence; it is faith against faith. Given to a care­ful study of many of the voices of evo­lu­tion, one can deduct that it has be­come and is driven by an anti-Chris­tian spirit that is rooted in noth­ing less than athe­ism.

Athe­ism is es­sen­tially the be­lief that there is no God. Their whole agenda is to dis­prove that God does not and can­not ex­ist. Does one be­come an athe­ist be­cause of evo­lu­tion, or does one be­come an evo­lu­tion­ist be­cause he or she pro­motes athe­ism?

Maybe it is the same adage, “ what comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

The evo­lu­tion­ist does not like this truth. This truth that it is a faith or be­lief sys­tem founded on con­fused sci­ence ex­poses the en­ergy be­hind its fear­less, ag­gres­sive attacks and de­nun­ci­a­tions of Chris­ten­dom’s fight for truth that God, through Je­sus Christ, did cre­ate all things and noth­ing was made with­out him.

I could never fig­ure out the athe­ist mantra, “there is no God.” If there is no God, mean­ing he does not ex­ist, then why does the athe­ist spend so much time and en­ergy talk­ing about some­one that does not ex­ist? Go fig­ure! Maybe talk­ing about noth­ing might get you a job on the day­time show “ The View.”

As for our “fun­da­men­tal­ist” ap­proach that it will some­how af­fect our chil­dren and our fu­ture chil­dren is pure “ hot air.” What is more dam­ag­ing to the mind of a child; “the lie of evo­lu­tion” that re­moves God from the scene and re­verts man back to an ape like world, or the truth that we are lost and we are in need of a saviour who can and has atoned our sins?

Just take a look at our schools and the crime in our own prov­ince to see what is hap­pen­ing when you take God out of the sys­tem. Je­sus said very clearly, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Evo­lu­tion does not pro­vide hope; it does not pro­vide di­rec­tion; nor does it stim­u­late a con­science that is able to dis­tin­guish right from wrong. Let us not for­get his­tory where some of the bright­est and best sub­mit­ted them­selves to God and his prin­ci­ples and pre­cepts that have pro­pelled them to places like the pres­i­dency of the United States and other great call­ings.

As I pon­der all of this, maybe I have been dam­aged by this “ nar­row” process of thought of the ‘ fun­da­men­tal­ist.” Maybe that’s why I’m cur­rently in my grad­u­ate stud­ies for a masters in the­ol­ogy.

Deano R. Young Pas­tor, Cavalry Pen­te­costal

Church, Car­bon­ear

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