Ill wind blows no­body any good


A foul smell left res­i­dents in the west end of Bay Roberts hold­ing their noses and won­der­ing where the ob­nox­ious odour was com­ing from early last week.

The odour was strong­est in the Farm Road/ New Found Lane area near Birch Hills.

Kelly Daw­son, who lives on New­found Lane, told The Com­pass he first de­tected the smell early Mon­day evening, Feb. 13.

Daw­son said the odour was prob­a­bly at its worst be­tween 6 and 7 p.m. It re­mained in the air for the rest of the evening and didn’t abate un­til around 11 p.m. or mid­night.

“It was re­ally bad out by the door,” Daw­son said.

The Bay Roberts Vol­un­teer Fire Depart­ment was called to the scene to in­ves­ti­gate what had been re­ported to be a chem­i­cal or fuel smell.

Fire Chief Clarence Rus­sell sug­gested the odour could have orig­i­nated from out­side the Town of Bay Roberts. Rus­sell said the odour was also no­ticed in neigh­bour­ing Clarke’s Beach.

Re­call­ing early last sum­mer a strange odour in Bay Roberts was traced back to a chicken farm on Roaches Line, where a barn had been cleaned out, he said the wind was com­ing from that same direc­tion Mon­day night. Rus­sell said he called the farm to check it out, but couldn’t get any an­swer.

Kelly Daw­son said he also re­called that in­ci­dent last sum­mer. But he said, “it didn’t smell like that to me — it def­i­nitely wasn’t that same smell.” He said it was more like the smell of diesel or oil. “And there was hardly any wind last night.”

As of late last week, the source of the odour re­mained a mys­tery.

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