How will low in­come peo­ple sur­vive?


Dear edi­tor,

The bick­er­ing on Par­lia­ment Hill is all about tax breaks for big cor­po­ra­tions. I think this is fine, but there has to be a tax break for the con­sumers as well. How will the av­er­age to lower in­come peo­ple sur­vive?

This is good for in­vest­ment, putting our peo­ple back to work. How­ever, let’s not for­get, Cana­di­ans who are pay­ing high taxes have to live too. They should not have to live in fear and frus­tra­tion, be­ing wor­ried if they will be able to pay their rent and hy­dro bill. There are many fam­i­lies who are feel­ing dev­asted be­cause the bread win­ner of the fam­ily lost their job. The bills roll in and the cost of liv­ing is still sky­rock­et­ing.

This is a mat­ter that politi­cians know about, but hide from the me­dia that ask ques­tions which they have no an­swers to be­cause they have put se­nior cit­i­zens on the back­burn­ers as peo­ple who are grow­ing old and need less at­ten­tion, as they are re­tired and have money.

Be­lieve it or not, the only politi­cian con­cerned about the se­nior cit­i­zens of this coun­try is Jack Lay­ton of the New Demo- cratic Party. You can huff and hum about his lead­er­ship qual­i­ties, but this man has peo­ple at heart, not the votes in the bal­lot boxes which have no hu­man depth when it comes to the poor qual­ity of life many se­niors have to­day. You can­not com­pare the peo­ple of this coun­try who had good jobs and work pen­sion ben­e­fits, to the per­son who worked all his life for a com­pany who might’ve given him or her a gold watch upon re­tire­ment if they were lucky.

The fe­male se­nior cit­i­zens who stayed at home and raised their chil­dren get a small sup­ple­ment from the Canada Pen­sion Plan, which is only peanuts be­cause they did not pay into it. They re­ceive the Canada Old Age Se­cu­rity which also gives them very lit­tle to live on.

I re­ally think that peo­ple should pick very care­fully the politi­cian in their rid­ing who re­ally cares about them. To­day, the knock on your door and a prom­ise to rep­re­sent you well upon Par­lia­ment Hill is a mere style of po­lit­i­cal non­sense, with no real plans to help peo­ple who re­ally need it.

The pound­ing of fists, at­tack ads, dirt sling­ing, with that “ vote for me” attitude is an in­ner sense of greed for power, with prom­ises that gather dust as politi­cians con­tinue to battle their in­dif­fer­ences and for­get about the peo­ple they rep­re­sent. They don’t need to ex­plain their ab­sence; the In­ter­net ac­cess will do just that for them. Re­ally, they don’t even have to come knock­ing on your doors any­more.

Eco­nomic growth is our way of liveli­hood that ev­ery­one should ben­e­fit from and not just the cho­sen few. The peo­ple have to live with dig­nity, be able to feed their fam­ily and pro­vide the ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties of life. They should not have to choose be­tween their rent and fuel in or­der to have enough money to put food on their ta­bles or to buy med­i­ca­tions which they need for a spe­cific kind of ill­ness. The fu­ture looks real scary for peo­ple who are on fixed in­comes, the se­nior cit­i­zens of our own com­mu­ni­ties who are our neigh­bours, friends, par­ents and grand­par­ents

Frank Black­wood Rich­mond Hill, On­tario

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