Rights and free­doms


Dear edi­tor,

MP Scott Simms has rid­den with the peo­ple of Char­lot­te­town to show his sol­i­dar­ity with their cause to have a snow­mo­bile trail opened that would al­low them to ride their snow­mo­biles through Terra Nova Na­tional Park. The cause will help give our pro­vin­cial peo­ple a lit­tle more au­ton­omy in­stead of be­ing in­creas­ingly hemmed in by ev­ery form of bu­reau­cracy.

It’s re­fresh­ing to see this man take such an ac­tion. He’s not to be con­demned but to be praised.

Yet, if the Na­tional Parks peo­ple in­tend to push the en­ve­lope to in­tim­i­date Char­lot­te­town and their sup­port­ers, they will not negate the sym­bol­ism of this protest but will rather fur­ther show how small minded and anal re­ten­tive they are.

Not to be too melo­dra­matic, but re­cent events in Egypt have shown the value of protests and may re­sult in a bud­ding gen­uine democ­racy for the Egyp­tian peo­ple.

In New­found­land we are not striv­ing for a democ­racy, but merely try­ing to re­tain the strands of the proud democ­racy we once were.

How di­min­ished we have be­come as in­di­vid­u­als. I be­lieve in time greater num­bers will wake up, look around and ask, “ who stole our var­i­ous free­doms?” The suits that hold sway in the cor­ri­dors of power through ma­nip­u­la­tion will then re­al­ize their time in the sun is about to be eclipsed.

Aubrey Smith Grand Falls-Wind­sor

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